Xiaoai touch screen speaker Pro 8, enjoy wonderful audio-visual

In this article, the editor will introduce a new product from Xiaomi today – Xiao AI Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8″ target=”_blank”> Xiao AI Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8. What is its specific situation? One Get up and see.

The Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro is equipped with an 8-inch flat-screen large screen, which is 36% larger than 7 inches, with a 178° large viewing angle, and a full lamination process to reduce reflections. Supports video calls with Xiaoai speaker APP, children’s watches, and Xiaomi TV. It can also be used as a high-definition large-screen digital photo frame to play family photos at any time.

It uses 3 bass enhancement units, 50.8mm RuFeB internal magnetic speakers, high power output, and is professionally tuned by the world’s top sound effects company DTS.

In terms of content resources, access to iQiyi, Youku, Bilibili, Douyin and other massive resources on demand, and more platforms are still being accessed. It also cooperates with QQ Music to listen to genuine music in one sentence, synchronize QQ music playlists, Display lyrics in real time, and provide deep learning-based playlist recommendations.

The smart device interface is also newly upgraded, tailored for voice and touch screen operations, with a full sense of technology. It can control Xiaomi IoT and other 54 IoT platform devices, and the number of supported devices exceeds 2,000.

The above is what I want to share with you this time, I hope you like this article. Finally, thank you very much for reading.

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