What’s so great about this Amazon Web Services (AWS)-based chip and cloud platform?

Driven by advanced process technology and advanced packaging technology, the design and verification EDA process from chip to package to system is becoming more and more complex, and their engineering simulation analysis is highly dependent on IT infrastructure investment including high-performance computing clusters. However, as design cycles and time-to-market shorten, demands for high-performance computing are often highly volatile and unpredictable. Creating an IT infrastructure based on meeting peak demand has become not only challenging, but also uneconomical.

So, how to solve this problem? Transferring the traditional EDA process from the on-premises IT environment to the cloud environment can ensure the scalability and agility required for high-performance EDA simulation tasks. The cloud platform provides the ability to quickly respond to market demands and freely scale computing resources. This capability helps semiconductor companies achieve pay-as-you-go.

In this regard, Xinhe semiconductor officially released its EDA cloud platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It is reported that Xinhe uses its independent intellectual property electromagnetic algorithm technology to provide customers with EDA solutions from chips to packaging to systems; Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a safe, fast and scalable platform with rich support EDA Cloud services and solutions. The organic combination of the two, porting the core and EDA solutions to AWS, allows users to utilize the nearly unlimited computing, memory, storage and other resources provided by AWS, thus greatly accelerating the design cycle and time-to-market.

The core and cloud solution built on Amazon EC2 supports a variety of instances based on computing and different memory configurations; the electromagnetic solver of the core supports multi-core parallelism and distributed parallelism, which is very suitable for cloud environments; core and its own scheduler JobQueue, which manages computing resources and prioritizes simulation jobs. All these advantages combined with the near-unlimited resources provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensure that the core can help users achieve the expansion of simulation jobs.

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