What should I do if the hybrid battery is broken? How long does it take to replace the hybrid battery?

What should I do if the hybrid battery is broken?

Speaking of petrol-electric hybrid vehicles, I don’t think they are unfamiliar. The petrol-electric hybrid is the prototype of the early new energy vehicles. Although it is currently classified as a fuel vehicle in my country, the petrol-electric hybrid is compared to the traditional fuel vehicle. There are certain advantages. For gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, because the structure is different from that of traditional fuel vehicles, what if the gasoline-electric hybrid battery is broken, will it affect the engine?

Oil Take the Toyota Corolla (parameter | picture) as an example, the car is driven by electricity at low speed and when the vehicle is just started. At this time, the motor is very suitable for frequent starting and stopping. After the speed is up, the engine When connected, the engine has been specially tuned, and the fuel efficiency is very high. It is suitable for medium and high speed, and it charges the battery. During rapid acceleration, the internal combustion of the motor works at the same time to achieve good acceleration capability.

To put it simply, an electric hybrid can use both oil and electricity. The front wheels are driven by an engine, and the rear wheels are driven by an electric motor. When the oil is burned, the electric motor does not work, but it can switch the charging mode and use the engine to drive it. The vehicle is charged and the engine does not operate in electric mode. That’s how hybrid mode works, which means the battery plays a vital role.

However, since this type of car is equipped with an E-CVT continuously variable transmission, according to the settings of the transmission, the speed change must be carried out when the battery system is working normally. If the battery of this kind of car is damaged, it will affect the operation of the engine. But in reality, the battery needs to be replaced.


How long to replace the hybrid battery

The power source of the gasoline-electric hybrid model is composed of two components, one is the power supply, which is the battery pack, and the other is the engine, which is the fuel engine. Their transmissions are also two transmission modes, one is the drive motor. , the other is the transmission of the gearbox, and theirs are combined in an impeccable environment. How often does the battery of a gasoline-electric hybrid car need to be replaced? The result of this matter depends on the usage of the battery.

The battery replacement of the gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle depends on the usage. Most of the hybrid batteries are nickel-metal hydride batteries, and the nickel-metal hydride batteries can be recycled, that is, they will continue to be charged and discharged without interruption. In use, his charge and discharge times are the same as the service life of the whole vehicle, but there are also cases of damage. When the battery charge is reduced and reaches below its standard value, it is recommended to replace it. Then, when he breaks the grid, the battery also needs to be replaced. Then, when a drum surface appears on the split battery, that is, when a drum surface appears on any of the four outer surfaces of the battery, and the power drops significantly, it is time to replace it. Then there is a serious leakage of the battery, which also requires you to replace it in time. Then there is an accident. When the battery is damaged and cannot be used, it also needs to be replaced.

When replacing the battery, you should go to a qualified repair shop to replace it, or go to a franchised 4S shop to replace it. This is to ensure that the battery you replace is professional and serious. When the battery pack is replaced, it can be replaced by disassembling and inspecting the single unit. It does not need to be completely replaced. In addition, it can be replaced by the battery of the accident car. In this way, the price will be very suitable, and the quality of the battery will not be too different.

How long does it take to replace the battery of a gasoline-electric hybrid car? According to the use of the car, it can be replaced as long as there is a problem. Generally, he does not need to worry about it within the warranty period. If he has a problem, he will contact the manufacturer. To deal with, that is, out of the warranty period, his battery can also have many ways to solve.

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