Thinklogical debuts 4K resolution KVM and video scaling solutions

BEIJING, May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Thinklogical, the world’s leading manufacturer of optical video and KVM routing and expansion systems, today announced two Thinklogical SDIXtreme™ solutions that support SMPTE standard 4K video signal expansion.

The new solution launched by Thinklogical can extend the 4K video signal input by 4 HD-SDI ports or 2 3G ports through a single single-mode or multi-mode fiber. The 4K signal in the whole process is not compressed, so there is no delay, and there will be no ghosting and frame loss. The new product released by Thinklogical this time is a 4K resolution solution for single-link or dual-link DVI signals after the previous product.

The SMPTE 4K digital cinema standard is based on Ultra High Definition (UHD) video with a resolution of 4096 X 2160. Whether from the horizontal or vertical direction, it is twice the resolution of 1080P HDTV, and the total number of pixels can reach 4 times the resolution of HDTV.

Thinklogical’s fiber optic converter and matrix-based solutions enable customers to manipulate sources, use and Display KVM content and audio signals. With the industry’s fastest optical fiber routing technology (bandwidth 6.25Gbps), Thinklogical can perform lossless and uncompressed expansion and routing of video, audio, and KVM signals within a range of 40 kilometers in an uncompressed state at the speed of light.

“We are extremely proud to be the first company to introduce a 4K SMPTE and digital cinema expansion solution,” said Joe Pajer, President and CEO of Thinklogical. “With this solution, customers will be able to easily achieve 4K The expansion and switching of the signal flow, at the same time, the high resolution, frame rate and color gamut under the SMPTE 4K standard will not be affected in any way.”

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