The “Tianfu Cup” cybersecurity competition came to an end, setting a number of world records

After two days of intense competition, the 2021 “Tianfu Cup” International Cyber ​​Security Competition ended on October 17 at the Chengdu Tianfu International Conference Center. This competition is organized by Qi Anxin, Venus, NSFOCUS, Tianrongxin, 360, Yongxin Zhicheng, AsiaInfo Security, Huawei, Baidu, Alibaba, Tsinghua University, Cyber ​​Kunlun, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Industrial Information Security Development The research center, Chengdu Tiantou Group and many other top organizations in the industry co-hosted it, and co-organized by companies such as Anheng Information, China Internet Security, Zhichuangyu, Clover Security, Zhilian Recruitment, etc. The total prize money of the competition was as high as 1.5 million US dollars. far ahead of the middle.

This competition attracted more than 50 teams, and more than 200 players signed up for the competition, surpassing the 32 teams in 2019 and the 34 teams in 2020, setting a new tournament record. In order to implement the belief of challenging the peak technology of the network, the participating teams focus on the three major items of PC, mobile and server, as well as virtualization software, operating system software, browser software, office software, mobile smart terminals, web services and applications. The eight categories of test questions, including software, DNS service software, and shared management service software, had a wonderful competition.

11 teams entered the final live original vulnerability competition, and 26 teams participated in 18 product cracks, showing world-class level in the competition. Among them, Kunlun Lab won the first prize of the competition after fierce competition.

Guo Qiquan, first-level inspector and deputy director of the Cyber ​​Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Liu Jie, deputy director of the New Economic Bureau of Sichuan Tianfu New Area, and other leaders, Wang Renfeng, deputy general manager of Chengdu Tiantou Group, Zheng Wenbin, founder and CEO of CyberKunlun, Qi Wu Yunkun, President of Essence Group, presented awards to the winners.

The full list is as follows:

l Best Product Cracking Award First Prize: Kunlun Lab

l The second prize of the Best Product Cracking Award: FAT@QianPangu

l The third prize of the Best Product Cracking Award: Vulnerability Research Institute Youth Training Team

l Most Valuable Product Crack Award: FAT@QianPangu

lBest Product Innovation Breakthrough Award: Kunlun Lab (kunlun Lab)

l Best Vulnerability Demonstration Award: STAR LABS

l Best Vulnerability Reproduction Award: 0x300 Team

The world’s first decisive battle to break the top of “Tianfu”

What attracts the most attention in this competition is the test questions aimed at international mainstream equipment, applications and systems. In these test questions, the participating teams need to find the loopholes in the system as quickly as possible, and achieve “crack”. The prize money of the event is as high as 300,000 US dollars, creating the highest record in the history of individual prize money in various Pwn competitions around the world.

Corresponding to the high competition bonus is the extremely high difficulty of cracking, especially in the product cracking competition, multiple cracked target devices or systems have hundreds of millions of users, and have undergone a large number of internal security tests, as well as a large number of external security tests. The attack test of personnel and hackers can be described as “sticking to the golden soup”. Moreover, the rules require that the security loopholes used by the participating teams in different participating projects cannot be repeated, and the disclosed loopholes cannot be used, which will undoubtedly make the cracking more difficult.

After the event kicked off, good news quickly spread around the arena, and many devices and applications known for their difficulty in cracking and high safety factor were quickly cracked. On the one hand, these cracking results show the technical level of security researchers, and on the other hand, they also warn of the risks of network security. Continue to improve the ability of network security protection.

Keep up with the trend of security attack and defense, and comprehensively strengthen the network security guarantee system

Compared with previous competitions, this competition not only emphasizes the high-level competition of network security technology as always, but also closely follows the latest trend of security attack and defense, adding a lot of new content. For example, there are more competition items for smart equipment and smart home series in the recurrence competition. In the original vulnerability competition, there are also many domestic equipment and applications to help domestic manufacturers improve their network security capabilities.

With the acceleration and deepening of digitalization, network security has penetrated into all fields and the whole process of economic and social development, and is of great significance to the safe and stable development of the digital economy. Comprehensively strengthening network security capacity building has also become a national strategy. The annual Tianfu Cup Cybersecurity Competition not only provides an excellent platform for top cybersecurity technical talents at home and abroad to compete on the same stage, but also contributes to the overall improvement of my country’s cybersecurity technical skills and strength.

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