Selection Method And Matters Needing Attention Of CNC Tool Holder

1. The handle of the straight shank tool

(1) Such tool holders mainly include end mill holders and spring chuck holders. The end mill shank has good positioning accuracy and strong rigidity, and can hold straight shank end mills and other straight shank tools of corresponding specifications; the spring chuck shank has the advantages of automatic centering and automatic elimination of deflection. It is widely used when holding small size straight shank tools.


(2) Various milling cutter holders


The three-sided edge milling cutter adopts the three-sided indexable face milling cutter holder (XS) series, the sleeve end mill selects the type end mill shank (XM) series, and the indexable face milling cutter adopts the rotary pull face milling cutter. (XD) series. The selection of the tool holder should be based on the diameter of the mounting hole of the milling machine tool to select the specification of the tool holder. Morse shank end milling should also use Morse hole shank without flat tail. ,


(3) Drilling tool shank


This kind of tool holder mainly has a drill chuck holder, with the corresponding drill chuck, which can hold straight shank drill bits, center drills, etc. The Morse taper shank bit can be selected with a flat tail Morse shank. The sleeve type reaming drill adopts sleeve expansion and reamer shank.


(4) Tapping tool holder


This kind of tool holder mainly uses the tapping chuck, and the width is composed of two parts: the tapping chuck shank and the tapping collet.


(5) Boring tools


Boring tool holders mainly include inclined fine-tuning boring tool holder series, double-edged boring tool holder series, inclined rough boring tool holder series, right angle rough boring tool holder series, compound boring tool holder series, etc.


Fine-tuning boring also The radial dimension of this kind of boring tool can be fine-tuned in an irregular range, and the versatility is good. Because boring can ensure the position and shape accuracy of holes, fine-tuning boring is also widely used in CNC machine tools and machining centers.


The fine-tuning of the fine-tuning boring tool means that the cutter head can be fine-tuned.



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