Rohde & Schwarz introduces the R&S NGA100 basic power supply with linear accuracy

Rohde & Schwarz introduces the R&S NGA100 basic power supply with linear accuracy

Basic power supplies are the most common test equipment found on workbenches around the world, and their basic purpose is to provide DC voltage and current. The new R&S NGA100 series of basic power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz not only meets this basic requirement, but also offers a performance level and additional features that are higher than comparable power supplies.

Rohde & Schwarz continues to expand its portfolio of basic power supplies with the launch of the new R&S NGA100 series. The R&S NGA100 is available in four variants, which can be configured with single- or dual-channel output with up to 35 V/6 A per channel output voltage/current, or 100 V/2 A per channel output voltage/current. The single-channel output model has a maximum power of up to 40 W, and the dual-channel output model has a maximum power of up to 80 W. Dual-channel output models provide up to 200 V or 12 A of voltage/current output capability in series and parallel.

Rohde & Schwarz introduces the R&S NGA100 basic power supply with linear accuracy

The entire output circuit of the R&S NGA100 has a linear design, which significantly improves performance compared to the switching circuits commonly found in basic power supplies. Greater accuracy means engineers can use the power supply to provide accurate output power without the need for an additional multimeter. For standard ranges, the current readback resolution is 1mV/100µA; for ranges below 200 mA, the current readback resolution can be increased to 1µA, which is ideal for testing IoT applications in standby and sleep modes with low current output. The R&S NGA100 also has sufficient dynamic range for power variations and current peaks when the DUT switches to operating mode.

While many basic power supplies can only deliver maximum power in a very limited voltage/current range, Rohde & Schwarz’s FlexPower technology provides maximum power for various combinations, so a single instrument can support many different applications. Regardless of the application used, users benefit from a clear screen, an intuitive user interface, and intuitive on-screen Display functions such as instantaneous statistics of maximum and minimum values ​​for power, voltage and current.

Other features of the R&S NGA100 not commonly found in basic power supplies include a data logging function for analyzing voltage and current values ​​with up to 10 sample points per second. For data export and remote control functions, Ethernet and USB are supported as standard, with optional WLAN and digital I/O external trigger functions. Users can generate voltage/current sequences in intervals as low as 10 milliseconds. The power supply features low distortion and low noise, and can compensate for cable losses using the R&S NGA100 remote readback function. The correct level readback point is at the input of the device under test, not at the output of the power supply.

The new R&S NGA100 power supply series is part of the R&S Essentials portfolio, which is now available from Rohde & Schwarz and authorized distribution partners. For more information, please visit: .

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