Renesas Electronics and Novatek Collaborate on Surveillance Camera Reference Design

TOKYO, Japan, August 3, 2020 – Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a leading global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced an Ultra High Definition (UHD) surveillance camera reference design to meet the requirements of today’s security video and surveillance systems. High-definition target object detection and recognition requirements. The reference design, developed in partnership with Novatek Microelectronics Corporation and designed by Systemtec Corporation Ltd., includes an Image Sensor (CIS) board with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF), a high-performance Image Signal Processing (ISP) board, and an automatic Focus zoom lens software.

This surveillance camera reference design enables 4K resolution, excellent color imaging, and excellent object recognition accuracy, including small-sized objects in low-light conditions. This design also enables excellent high-speed autofocus operation with a low-cost lens. The combination of these features enables Systemtec to bring high-performance 4K security video camera reference designs and software to customers, helping to shorten development time and build systems with fast autofocus and enhanced Imaging performance of the camera system.

DK Singh, Director, Systems and Solutions Marketing Division, Renesas Electronics, said: “The growing market demand for security and surveillance camera systems requires higher imaging accuracy and more powerful object detection and recognition capabilities. This is comparable to traditional contrast detection. Our surveillance cameras with 4K resolution and PDAF function can provide faster autofocus speed compared to autofocus. We are pleased to see that through the close collaboration between Renesas and Novatek and Systemtec, this surveillance system reference design has been made more Easy to use for global customers.”

The surveillance camera reference design is based on Renesas’ high-performance RAA462113FYL CMOS image sensor and Novatek’s dual-core SoC image signal processor, as well as several other Renesas IC solutions to implement complete Electronic signal chain functions. CIS board RAA462113FYL, DC/DC buck converter, LDO, motor driver and lens. The ISP board carries the SoC and associated signal chain components.

Key Features of Surveillance Camera Reference Design

Image sensor board:

o High-sensitivity, low-noise, low-power, 8-megapixel ultra-high-definition CMOS image sensor

o The sensor has HDR, PDAF function and MIPI-CSI2 output, supports 30fps@12-bit digital output

o Can be replaced with a prime or zoom lens

·Image signal processing board:

o 800MHz dual-core SoC image signal processor with sensor interface and interfaces for Display, PHY, Wi-Fi module, GPS and RS-485

oRTC, I2C, SPI, GPIO, Audio IF, Flash/SD Card, HDMI, Ethernet, SDIO, SCI, UART and SDRAM Controllers

o High precision and fast AF, support for contrast AF, phase detection AF and hybrid AF (phase detection AF + contrast AF)

o Flexible and rich features, including 12V power supply (DC jack or Type C), multi-interface support for video output


  About Novatek Technology Co., Ltd.

Novatek Technology (TWSE: 3034) was established in 1997, focusing on Display and image as the core of the overall solution, the products include video communication control IC, SoC and other commercial control IC. Novatek is a major supplier of LCD driver ICs in the world, and its operating revenue in 2019 ranked eighth in the world and second in Taiwan among chip design companies.

  About Renesas Electronics Group

Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), provides professional and trusted innovative embedded designs and complete semiconductor solutions designed to improve the way people work and live through the billions of connected smart devices that use its products. As the world’s leading supplier of microcontrollers, a leader in analog power devices and SoC products, Renesas Electronics provides comprehensive solutions for various applications such as automotive, industrial, home, infrastructure, and the Internet of Things, and looks forward to working with you to create Infinite future.

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