“Radar Coin” crashes! The “Shen Pan” that lasted for seven years finally fell!

On October 19, 2021, that is, at 20:45 last night, the official website of the radar issued an announcement announcing the permanent closure of the platform!

Immediately after 22:00, the official website of the radar could not be logged in and could not be opened at all.

After 7 years, a so-called decentralized, never shut down network, no central server, free access “God Disk”, and now, it is still down!

Why did it crash suddenly, let’s interpret the above announcement first.

The announcement said: Yancheng police raided into the radar laboratory, and immediately transferred all the amount of user digital currency stored by the company, and the police also controlled the removal of some services and data.

It means that the Yancheng police have put the radar on, so they can’t give money to investors, so they can only permanently shut down the platform. It seems that the problem caused by external factors, after careful scrutiny, it is found that this statement is not tenable at all, and it obviously means to throw the blame.

The reasons are as follows:

1. After the notice of ten ministries and commissions on the rectification of the virtual currency industry was issued on September 24, most exchanges have made reasonable and legal announcements that they will be cleared, such as Matcha, Huobi, Binance, etc., but none of the exchanges have been taken over. Data It is even more impossible to be cleared and assets transferred. In short, if the radar is just a normal virtual currency exchange, not a scam, no one can take away the user’s assets.

2. According to people familiar with the matter, some of Radar’s technicians were indeed arrested, and a small amount of assets were detained, with an amount of only more than 200 btc, but this did not cause Radar to collapse.

3. The Yancheng police will not clear the data, and the logic is very simple. The police need to use the data to determine the level and the suspected crime. Obviously, the radar cleared it by itself. After erasing the data, they wanted to exonerate themselves.

4. The announcement can still be issued normally, indicating that the radar boss and the operation team have not been arrested and are still absconding. In order to divert the conflict, it was said that everyone’s money was taken by the Xiangshui County Public Security Bureau, and they went to the Public Security Bureau to get the money. What a dumpling of the golden cicada!

Radar dared to blatantly throw the blame like this, which is very provocative and confrontational. It really took the guts of a leopard. You must know that the other party is not an ordinary existence. They are the Yancheng police who have cracked the Plustoken case! Since you are locked, you basically have a lot of evidence. It can be said that the case targeted by Yancheng is like a dead person who has already been lying in a coffin.

Looking back at the propaganda of Radar, the propaganda has always been a foreign technical team, which keeps talking about concepts such as “blockchain” and “decentralization”. Now that a place in China is checked, the server is closed? That’s kind of embarrassing.

In fact, as early as July, the gossip spread that Yancheng was going to enter the radar, but at that time I felt that it was too long, and the relationship between characters and databases were difficult to find, so I didn’t have much hope. Unexpectedly, the Yancheng police really lived up to their reputation, and finally won this “big deal”!

After multiple verifications, this time it was indeed attacked by the police in Xiangshui County, Yancheng City. This operation was directed by the Yancheng City Network Security Department.

In fact, since the first half of the year, Radar Coin has been abnormal, and the price has plummeted all the way, which can only mean that Gouzhuang has already cashed out and left the market unintentionally.

In the process of falling, no matter where you are buying the bottoms, you are all in the middle of the mountain. Even if there are some rewards for holding coins and earning interest, in the face of such a large price difference, those rewards are nothing but a drop in the bucket.

From the 13th of this month, the gold withdrawal channel has been locked, and only entry is allowed.

In the past two days, the panic has reached the extreme, the market price has also reached the extreme, and the handling fee has reached 50%!

Radar Coin claims to be the third largest currency after Bitcoin and Ethereum, but this self-proclaimed “third largest currency” is not listed on mainstream exchanges, but is played on the Radar Coin project party’s own exchange. Your own site is your own, which means that the price can be controlled at will. Do you think you can play Zhuang?

Radar Coin is a purely centralized system, not a blockchain at all. There are still many people who don’t believe it, and even use “survival time” to refute us! ! Now let’s take a look at the announcement issued by the RMB Gateway website of the radar platform. !

If it is a real blockchain, even through mortgage mining, the coins are not transferred to the wallet address controlled by the project party, but are mortgaged to the entire blockchain network, and no one can move these coins, so naturally they do not exist.” Was turned away by the police.” That’s it!

Although Radar Coin has lived for so long in terms of time, in the final analysis, the reason is that its inflation rate is relatively small, so there is no premature collapse!

However, this still does not change the properties of the Radar Coin capital disk, because its computing power is not obtained through mining machines, but through the coins pledged by itself and the performance of pulling people.

The Radar coin is only participated by Chinese people, and it has not been publicized to the world, let alone the consensus of the global currency circle, and it is even less likely that capital will intervene, so the project party raised the price of the currency, and then lowered it again and again. Do a few bands and it’s easy to do a harvest.

So fakes are fakes. It is a misfortune to be targeted by the Yancheng police this time, and the seizure is also an inevitable result. I am afraid that none of the key personnel involved will be able to escape! For details, please refer to the case of Plustoken.

The crash of Radar Coin this time also warns those who are addicted to it, not all coins are called digital currency, not all technologies include blockchain technology, do not blindly follow the trend, otherwise the cost of growth will be very high !


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