Qingzhou Zhihang joins the Autonomous Driving Ecological Operation Alliance and will launch an online appointment unmanned bus

Sina Technology News on the morning of December 19th, China’s first autonomous driving ecological operation alliance, the Champion Alliance, was established. As a member, Qingzhou Zhihang will launch a shared unmanned bus online.

Hao Jingshan, a partner of Qingzhou Zhihang, said that the online bus service solves the public travel needs of many people. Qingzhou Zhihang’s ride-hailing system can realize “carpooling” travel from multiple pick-up and drop-off points to multiple pick-up and drop-off points within a short distance. Through intelligent algorithms, passengers with similar routes and in the same direction are instantly matched, and passengers can carpool together. , share the cost, travel in a more efficient and favorable way, greatly improve the time and space utilization rate of unmanned buses, and promote the transformation of public travel from electrification to intelligence, networking, and sharing. Initially, the scheme will cover short-distance routes, with internal circulation in a single area of ​​the open road.

The online shared unmanned bus system is one of the five systems of the dragon boat unmanned bus launched by Qingzhou Zhihang. The other four systems are the 360-degree no-blind zone perception system, the self-developed unmanned driving system, the single security officer operation management system and 5G +V2X vehicle Display system. Among them, the 360-degree no-blind-spot perception system is crucial for unmanned buses. Different from cars, there are more blind spots around the bus body that cannot be covered by sensors. Whether the sensor solution can realize blind spot-free perception determines whether the bus is safe to drive on public roads in cities.

Yu Qian, the co-founder and CEO of Qingzhou Zhihang, once said that the public road Robobus will lead to a large market, and it is likely that it will eventually go to the same path as robotaxi, and will be combined at a certain point in time. In the future, when all taxis have been unmanned, and most of the roads are driverless taxis, the cost will inevitably be reduced – which also means that the roads will be more congested. At that time, in order to meet the transportation needs, it is necessary to move towards sharing.

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