Polycom (POLYCOM) desktop visualization communication system

Affected by the development of unified communications and the popularization of video conferencing, the demand for desktop visual communication, especially among high-end people, is becoming more and more urgent.

The phone terminal cannot integrate a clear enterprise architecture address book, and cannot implement click-to-dial

Large enterprises have complex organizational structures and large personnel. Corporate address book retrieval is difficult, and not all address book architectures can be integrated on current phones. It is complicated to find and dial the address book.

Desktop Video Conferencing Expansion Requirements

The rapid development of video conferencing has greatly improved the office efficiency of enterprises, but it requires a special conference room, which is complicated to use and limited by the environment. On this basis, there is a growing demand for leaders to hold video conferences in the office.

Desktop visual communication seamlessly integrates with the user’s current system

The desktop visual communication system is not just about visual communication. There is also a need to be able to achieve seamless integration with the enterprise telephony system. This requires that our desktop visualization system can not only communicate visually but also replace the ordinary desktop phone, so as to realize the integration with the user’s current system.


As the world’s leading provider of video conferencing communication solutions, Polycom has provided various solutions for many companies around the world. As the pioneer of Polycom’s comprehensive voice application business in the Chinese market, Polycom is committed to serving customers The ultimate goal is to provide a “perfect, economical and efficient” solution, relying on Polycom’s mature and extensive product application experience and the excellent quality of voice terminal products to maximize the realization of customer needs.

In view of the common problems and urgent needs of current video and audio communication, Zhizhen Communication Co., Ltd. has developed a set of desktop visual communication system solutions to meet the needs of users’ desktop visual communication. The scheme topology is as follows:

Scenario topology

System Overview

Leading desktop intelligent visual terminal

On the desktop of the leader’s office, Polycom VVX1500 is used to replace all the original telephones, and the visual communication between high-level personnel is realized through the video telephony integrated communication platform.

Videophone integrates clear enterprise architecture address book

Through the combination of the videophone application server and the enterprise business system, the tree structure of the enterprise address book is integrated into the videophone. The leader can visually find the number of each employee through the video phone, and realize the click to call directly.

Desktop video conference extension terminal

Video telephony extends video conferencing to the leadership desktop. Through the combination of visual fusion communication platform and video conference, the requirements of desktop video conference are realized. Leaders can participate in video conferences from the office. Many third- and fourth-level branches require too much investment in deploying video terminals. Each branch can directly deploy Polycom VVX1500, which can not only realize video conferencing but also serve as office and conference phones.

Phone System Convergence

Through the videophone fusion communication platform and videophone application server, the integration with the existing telephone system is realized. It can support PSTN analog line integration, E1 digital line integration and VoIP SIP protocol integration.

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