Play with the use of Century Star in group control of injection molding machines


1 Background analysis
my country is a big country in the production and consumption of plastic products. The control performance of injection molding machines is directly related to production efficiency and product quality. Now the traditional relay-type injection molding machines are basically replaced by injection molding machines controlled by intelligent controllers. A new generation of all-electric injection molding machines without hydraulic devices has also appeared in the market. The upgrading of the injection molding machine control system basically has the communication function, which provides the basic conditions for the use of configuration software to build large-scale injection molding machine cluster control. The establishment of unified real-time monitoring of workshop equipment and the sorting and analysis of historical data have become a choice for many companies to improve their management level and product quality.
At present, many plastic product manufacturers have not established a real-time monitoring system for workshop equipment. It is difficult to control the production process that needs to be monitored during the production process, so it is difficult to improve the product qualification rate. The reason for this situation is that, on the one hand, some enterprises lack the awareness of informatization construction, and on the other hand, the enterprises themselves may lack the technical ability to independently develop relevant monitoring systems. The intervention of configuration software, combined with hardware devices such as controllers, can quickly build a monitoring system at a lower cost. Due to the characteristics of reliability, easy learning and stability of configuration software itself, it has gradually become the first choice for many enterprises to build information workshops.
Century Star configuration software plays an increasingly important role in the informatization construction of the plastics industry by virtue of its excellent cost performance, stable and reliable operation status, powerful process database and free report forms. Taking the application of Century Star configuration software in a plastic product factory as an example, the application of Century Star configuration software in plastic product workshop and industry informatization is shown in detail.

2 case manipulation
The following is the basic situation of the plastic factory: there are 46 injection molding machines in 3 workshops, and the control system is ready to be set up in the office building, about 30 meters away from the workshop. Each piece of equipment needs to collect parameters such as injection molding time, count and trim the actual value, and at the same time, in order to prevent workers from not operating in accordance with the regulations and making the product working hours lower than the process time requirements, resulting in the problem of unstable product quality, the system will judge each product according to the settings. If the shift exceeds the standard, if it exceeds the standard continuously or cumulatively (can be set to exceed the standard mode), the device can be automatically locked after a certain number of times, and the unlocking can be manually unlocked by the relevant personnel or the system will automatically unlock after the set time. Plastic factories are divided into day shifts and night shifts, and statistics on output, number of qualified products, start-up time, operation time, and over-standard rate are required separately. The process time, count trimming and other contents of each equipment can be freely set in the host computer.
First analyze the system structure. There are a total of 46 injection molding machines in 3 workshops. Century Star configuration software communicates with the injection molding machine controller through RS485 bus, and collects operation data such as controller shift output, over-standard times, startup time, operation time, and over-standard rate. The system features distributed independent control, and the upper computer collects and manages data uniformly. If a serial port is used, the device will cause slow speed, and once the bus fails, all device data cannot be collected. At the same time, using a serial port and adopting a linear structure will inevitably lead to a long bus distance and a decrease in communication stability. Finally, after comprehensive consideration, add a serial port card to the computer, and each workshop uses a serial port to connect with Century Star. The system structure is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Here I provide you with some tips in engineering development:

1. Improve the collection speed. During operation, the set parameters such as sol temperature, pressure, injection volume, and pressure holding time can be downloaded to the injection molding machine as needed without real-time acquisition, and the dynamic optimization function of Century Star is used. When creating a drive device, select the “Dynamic Optimization” option. When Century Star is running, it only collects the variables used in the current Display screen, the variables that need to be saved in historical data, the variables that need to be alarmed, and the variables used in the command language. Other variables are not collected. When the number of variables collected is large, the collection speed of the system is significantly improved.

2. Self-locking function exceeding the standard. When the pass rate is lower than a certain value, the injection molding machine is automatically locked, and can continue to run after unlocking. The injection molding machine provides the output and the number of qualified products. In the Century Star command language, the qualified rate is calculated in real time. When the qualified rate is lower than the set value, the injection molding machine lock variable is set to one. Set the lock variable to zero when the system time reaches a certain set time. At the same time, there is also an unlock button and a security area. When a user with authority logs in, they can operate this button to set the lock variable to zero.

Third, the report function. Reports are the focus of Party A’s requirements. We usually use Excel to make various reports, and the powerful functions of Excel can do more with less. Century Star table template is similar to Excel, it supports cell operations, supports the use of Excel functions, can insert charts, and supports exporting tables to Excel table format, which is convenient for working hours calculation and assessment.

4. Multi-parameter setting. There are many types of injection molding machine products, and each product needs to set different parameters, so using the formula function of Century Star is convenient to realize the management of setting parameters. Century Star formula function, first establish the parameters in the formula table, use the function to call the formula, and the parameters are automatically written to the variables. Likewise, functions can be called to add, modify, and delete work on recipes under the runtime system.

5. Calculation of startup time, running time and pass rate. When calculating the length of the startup time, first record the system time of the startup, and then subtract the startup time from the shutdown time. Here, the class is used as the unit, and the duration of each class is counted. Each class is 8 hours, which is exactly three classes a day. Otherwise, the date factor needs to be considered. In the application command language, the pass rate can be calculated in real time at an interval of 1 second when the program is running.

3 Conclusion
This system adopts the control mode of lower computer control and upper computer monitoring and statistics, and gives full play to the real-time control of the injection molding machine controller and the flexible and convenient features of the configuration software, so as to meet the requirements of low cost, high efficiency and high reliability. The use of Century Star configuration software greatly saves development time and cost. The successful application of the system has brought the plant’s informatization construction progress to a new level. Through the statistics and analysis of the whole plant’s data, the management level can be further improved, the cost can be reduced, and the benefit can be improved, which is highly recognized by the users.

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