Pickering Interfaces Introduces New Universal PXI Matrix with Industry’s Highest Bandwidth

Pickering Interfaces, Inc., a leader in signal switching and emulation solutions for Electronic test and verification, today announced the industry’s highest bandwidth general-purpose PXI matrix. The new matrix switches are available in two configurations, 16×8 dual pole or high density 32×8 dual pole. Depending on the signal path, the matrix bandwidth is between 35MHz and 70MHz, and VSWR<1.5:1 within 85MHz.

The new modules are available in two series, 2-slot PXI (series 40-588) and 2-slot PXIe (series 42-588), both built with communication-grade electromagnetic relays that can be used for hot or cold switching, with switching currents up to 2A, Switching voltage 220VDC/250VAC. Each signal has an analog ground connection on the front Panel connector for connecting cable assemblies. The matrix can be easily expanded to 32×8 through two sets of front panel Y-axis connections.

Pickering’s switch product manager Steve Edwards explained the new product: “The high bandwidth of the 40/42-588 module allows the module to be compatible with higher frequency test signals. The module is rigorous in its matrix design and switch isolation, so it provides High switching capacity while maintaining excellent RF performance. These modules are also electrically compatible and replace older VXI switch products from other suppliers. Pickering’s VXI to PXI update replacement service includes compatibility considerations.”

The new 40/42-558 high-capacity, high-bandwidth switch matrix modules are ideal for legacy system upgrades or new automatic test equipment (ATE) designs for automotive and defense applications. The new modules are supported by Pickering’s eBIRST™ diagnostic test tool. Like all Pickering products, the 40/42-588 series modules come with a 3-year warranty and come with backup relays that allow customers (with some training) to do their own on-site repairs, minimizing system downtime. In addition, the 40/42-588 series can also be supported by a range of inline accessories.

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About Pickering Interfaces

Pickering Interfaces designs and manufactures modular signal switches and simulation products for electronic test and verification. We offer the industry’s broadest range of switching and emulation products for PXI, LXI and PCI applications. We also supply these products with matching cable and connector accessories, diagnostic test tools, and associated software drivers created by our in-house software team.

Pickering’s products are designed for use in a variety of test systems worldwide and have a worldwide reputation for outstanding reliability and quality. Pickering Interfaces has direct offices around the world such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, France, the Czech Republic and China, as well as agents in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Currently, our business scope covers a variety of electronics industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, energy, industrial, communications, medical, and semiconductors. To learn more about our signal switching and simulation products, as well as sales contacts, please visit www.pickeringtest.com .

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