Partnering with Machine Learning Software Leader to Simplify Edge AI Design Using 32-bit MCUs

Microchip Technology Inc. recently announced that it has reached cooperation with Cartesiam, Edge Impulse and Motion Gestures to use Arm Cortex-based 32-bit microcontrollers and Microprocessors simplify deploying machine learning at the edge. By interfacing the above partners’ software and solutions into its design environment, Microchip will be the only company in the industry to support customers in every aspect of an artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) project, including data collection, model training and interface implementation. stage company.

Fanie Duvenhage, vice president of Microchip’s Human Interface and Touch Products Division, said:

Adoption of our 32-bit MCUs in edge AI applications is growing rapidly, and design has never been more difficult for embedded system developers. Testing the solution will also be very easy with ML evaluation kits including EV18H79A or EV45Y33A etc.

About partner products

Founded in 2016, Cartesiam is a software publisher focusing on single-chip artificial intelligence development tools. Cartesiam’s development environment, NanoEdge AI™ Studio, has been patented and can help embedded developers quickly develop MCU-specific machine learning libraries without any prior knowledge of artificial intelligence. Devices based on Cartesiam’s technology are being produced by hundreds of manufacturers around the world.

Edge Impulse is an end-to-end developer platform for embedded machine learning that enables companies in the industrial, commercial and wearable markets to develop smart devices. The platform provides developers with data set collection, digital signal processing (DSP) and machine learning algorithms, software testing, and efficient interface code generation capabilities across multiple sensor, audio, and vision applications at no cost to developers. Developers can get to work in minutes thanks to Microchip’s MPLAB X integrated development environment and evaluation kit support.

Founded in 2017, Motion Gestures is an AI-based embedded gesture recognition software provider that provides powerful gesture recognition capabilities for different sensors including touch, motion (such as inertial measurement unit) and vision. Unlike conventional solutions, the company’s platform does not require collecting training data or writing code for gesture models, but uses advanced machine learning algorithms. As a result, development time and costs for gesture recognition software are reduced by 90%, while recognition accuracy increases to nearly 100%.

Microchip’s machine learning development tools include:

EV18H79A: SAMD21 Machine Learning Evaluation Kit with TDK 6-Axis MEMS

EV45Y33A: SAMD21 Machine Learning Evaluation Kit with BOSCH Inertial Measurement Unit

SAMC21 XPlained Pro Evaluation Kit (ATSAMC21-XPRO), and QT8 XPlained Pro Expansion Kit (AC164161): Can be used to evaluate the Motion Gestures solution

VectorBlox Accelerator Software Development Kit (SDK): Helps Developers Create Low Power, Small Form Factor AI/ML Applications on Microchip’s PolarFire™ FPGAs

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