One of the classic cases of Avedia______ Huawei


Huawei is the world’s leading provider of telecommunications solutions. With its comprehensive advantages in fixed networks, mobile networks, and IP data communications, Huawei has become a leader in the era of all-IP convergence. At present, Huawei’s products and solutions have been used in more than 100 countries around the world, serving 45 of the top 50 global operators and one-third of the world’s population.

As a well-known international company with a revenue of more than 20 billion US dollars, Huawei needs to receive a large number of customers from all over the world every day. In order to allow customers to quickly understand the company’s products and business in a short period of time, Huawei has spared no expense to build a dedicated product showroom. Through the integrated application of physical and multimedia publishing systems in the exhibition hall, not only can you clearly see and touch the products, but also have a more intuitive and profound understanding of product applications and industry solutions.

As a leader in the digital signage industry, Avedia has won the unanimous affirmation of Huawei’s expert jury after more than half a year of testing with its excellent technology and services, and took on the important task of building its showroom multimedia information release system project.

In the more than 700 square meters of Huawei’s showroom, various Display terminals are dazzling and everything (including full HD monitors of various sizes, video walls, and touch screens). The front-end construction of the entire information distribution system can be completed only by connecting to these Display terminals through the built-in interface of the Avedia player in the exhibition hall.

One of the classic cases of Avedia______ Huawei
(System Architecture Diagram)

In order to facilitate unified management, Avedia adopts the PS-X series core products of the X86 architecture, which can support Full HD video playback, and tailor-made a set of MBS information release and management that meets Huawei’s requirements. system.

One of the classic cases of Avedia______ Huawei

One of the benefits of the system: no location restrictions. Huawei showroom managers do not need to be restricted by their office locations. As long as they have a network, they can easily create and publish the content that needs to be played, and keep abreast of the running status of each device.

One of the classic cases of Avedia______ Huawei
(equipment running status monitoring)

The second benefit of the system: intelligent remote control management. Through the docking with the intelligent remote control, the instructor can easily control the forward, backward, pause and loop playback of the content played on the screen, and can also directly adjust the volume and switch the playback device through the remote control.

The third benefit of the system: extended splicing applications. In addition to a separate display device, various forms of splicing applications need to be used in specific areas, such as horizontal N*1 splicing as shown in the figure below, or vertical 1*2 splicing. A single system can use mixed applications of single screen and splicing, which not only saves resources for system construction, but also saves a lot of complicated work for administrators.

One of the classic cases of Avedia______ Huawei

The fourth benefit of the system: system integration. Traditional digital signage software is mainly based on playing promotional videos, pictures, and text, and further to the advanced level, it will involve playing PPT, Word, Flash and some special format files, but to reflect the strength of software developers, it is necessary to see Integration capabilities in a variety of complex systems projects. The display system is linked to the enterprise background management database. To achieve system integration, a communication interface must be established to obtain database information.

One of the classic cases of Avedia______ Huawei

The fifth benefit of the system: it meets high requirements but the cost of the solution is moderate. Many high-standard digital signage solutions have always been expensive and difficult to be widely accepted. Avedia has long been rooted in the mainland market, has rich experience in localization operations, and also focuses on efficient management, so that the entire team resources can be maximized.

(overall renderings)

Being in the showroom allows you to be there and enjoy the infinite convenience brought by high technology. Avedia – a professional service provider, is your best partner.

About Avedia

Avedia, a professional digital signage system integration developer, has been committed to product design and development for a long time: easy-to-control management software, diversified multi-player product lines, integration of various terminal application equipment, such as LED, 360-degree LED, video wall Wait. Avedia, the most noteworthy digital signage manufacturer in 2010, will lead the industry development and set off an application boom.

Digital signage, also known as digital signage and information release system, is called digital signage in Taiwan and digital signage abroad.

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