Nexperia Introduces Portfolio of AEC-Q101 Qualified Discrete Semiconductors in Small Leadless Rugged DFN Package

June 23, 2020 Nexperia, a high-throughput production specialist in the production of semiconductor basic components, today announced the industry’s broadest AEC-Q101 compliant discrete semiconductor product portfolio for automotive applications. DFN (Discrete Flat No-Lead) package with advantages of space, AOI detection compatibility, etc., covering all Nexperia product portfolio including switches, Schottky, Zener and protection diodes, Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT), N-channel Channel and P-channel MOSFETs, resistor-matched transistors, and LED drivers.

Nexperia offers a wide range of automotive-grade discrete leadless packages, from the small form factor DFN1006BD-2 (1 x 0.6 x 0.5 mm) to the DFN2020D-3 (2 x 2 x 0.65 mm), including the recently released DFN1110D-3 and DFN1412D-3 . DFN devices can be as small as 0.6 mm2, saving 90% of PCB space compared to existing SOT23 devices. With excellent thermal performance (RTHJ-S), not only can they provide equal or better thermal power dissipation in a smaller DFN space, but these packages dissipate heat better and the overall system performance is more reliable. Nexperia DFN packaging technology supports TJ up to 175°C.

AOI is critical for some applications, especially in the automotive sector, so Nexperia pioneered the development of DFN packages with Solderable Sides (SWF) in 2010, and devices with SWF packages are now recognized as a mature solution. With SWF, visible solder joints can be inspected after soldering. Another benefit of the DFN package with SWF is the higher mechanical strength that can be achieved with the PCB connection compared to the device without SWF. SWF increases shear forces and improves the board’s resistance to bending.

Mark Roeloffzen, vice president and general manager of Nexperia’s Bipolar Discrete Business Unit, said: “Nexperia’s family of automotive-grade DFN packages gives engineers more options: develop applications in existing leaded SMD packages, or use space-saving DFN packaging. We are committed to leading the market through packaging innovation, offering a broad portfolio of discrete devices in DFN packaging to meet customer needs.”

Discrete semiconductors in DFN packages are currently in mass production, and Nexperia will release more capacity in 2020 to provide the industry with a comprehensive portfolio of discrete devices. Existing types include standard high power products such as BC847, BC817 and BAV99 to name a few.

For more information on the new portfolio of AEC-Q101 qualified discretes in DFN packages with SWF, including product specifications and data sheets, visit

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