Keysight Expands Automotive Product Lineup with New Radar Multi-Object Simulator and Advanced Automotive Ethernet Solutions

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today announced two new test solutions, a radar target simulator and automotive Ethernet software, that add to its growing automotive portfolio. These two test solutions help engineers, designers, and manufacturers in the automotive industry develop high-quality, high-performance products that improve safety in a wide range of driving conditions and enable emerging advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) support. Keysight Technologies is a leading technology company dedicated to helping enterprises, service providers and government customers accelerate innovation and create a secure, connected world.

Rapid advances in autonomous vehicle technology and the need for higher safety features are driving the need for more sensitive and accurate automotive radar technology. With expertise in radar test technology, Keysight Technologies has introduced a new radar target simulator (RTS) to help automotive electronics manufacturers simulate radar targets with confidence in a variety of real-world scenarios.

The new Keysight Radar Target Simulator (RTS) performs multi-target, multi-angle testing of radar modules in a laboratory environment. The solution provides fast, accurate, and reliable results with a good balance between test throughput and test quality. Design and verification engineers can quickly verify the performance of radar products, while manufacturing and design verification engineers can simulate multiple objects at different distances. The Keysight RTS allows users to reproduce real-world test environments in the lab, saving significant time and money.

Thomas Goetzl, vice president and general manager of the Automotive and Energy Solutions Group at Keysight, said: “To achieve autonomous driving, radar modules are not just a design icing on the cake, they are a requirement. The accuracy of these devices should not be compromised. Keysight has leveraged our extensive experience and expertise in RF design to create a multi-target long-range probe that enables radar module developers to easily overcome design and performance verification challenges.”

Comprehensive coverage of automotive Ethernet standards

Next-generation ADAS systems require high-resolution cameras and radar systems, which in turn rely on higher data transfer speeds and wider bandwidths. Automotive Ethernet enables higher-speed data communications to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s connected vehicles. However, channels or links in the system can fail and must therefore be thoroughly tested.

To address this growing challenge, Keysight has developed a new automotive Ethernet link test solution that verifies that information travels to its intended destination without loss or crosstalk.

Keysight’s new Automotive Ethernet software ensures that the signal meets quality requirements through channel compliance testing. In addition, it can perform return loss, insertion loss, mode conversion, power summation, and crosstalk measurements on any single cable in the harness. The software is based on powerful multipurpose hardware – the Keysight E5080B ENA Vector Network Analyzer, the Keysight PXI Vector Network Analyzer, and the Keysight Streamline Series USB Vector Network Analyzers, which are also used in the lab for design verification and beyond automotive Ethernet. An important tool for confirmation.

Keysight’s new automotive Ethernet link test solution includes the following features:

Create a test template that contains all required tests in the specification.

The network analyzer is automatically set up each time a measurement is performed, and the defined test limits are applied.

Detailed test reports are published for each test that has been run.

The Keysight Automotive Ethernet Solution Kit provides the hardware, software, cables and accessories required to implement compliance testing. In addition to this, Keysight has recently released new receiver test software and an updated transmission compliance test application that offers 4 different data rates in a single application, including Multi-Gig IEEE 802.3 The initial version of ch. This makes Keysight one of the first to offer IEEE 802.3ch conformance testing.

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