Keda Wireless Monitoring Series Application-Fixed Wireless Solutions

Among the series of wireless monitoring solutions recently released by Keda, the fixed wireless solution is based on Keda KDM2421MA series fixed wireless video encoder, which can upload video monitoring code stream in real time through 3G (EVDO/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA) wireless network , to realize remote monitoring application. The solution is simple and quick to arm and disarm, with short construction period, convenient maintenance, and strong capacity expansion. It is mainly suitable for some remote areas, renovated places, and areas where fixed network monitoring cannot be deployed or where the cost of deploying fixed network monitoring is too high, such as mountains and ports. , forests, rivers, open areas, etc.

The solution adopts a series of user-friendly design and functions, which can well meet the needs of wireless monitoring.

solar powered

When deploying wireless monitoring in remote areas, equipment power supply is an important problem to be solved. Keda fixed wireless monitoring solution can use solar power supply solution to supply power to monitoring front-end equipment. Solar power supply is environmentally friendly, has a long power supply time, and is easy to deploy. It can also quickly supply power in areas where power supply has not yet been realized, meeting the needs of wireless monitoring.

dual stream

In response to the current problem of unstable 3G network bandwidth, Keda’s fixed wireless monitoring solution adopts a “dual stream” strategy, using high stream for local browsing and storage to ensure high-quality image capture and video storage; Streaming, which can ensure smooth uploading and remote browsing of images in the case of low bandwidth, and adopts the “bandwidth dynamic change adaptive” mechanism to maximize bandwidth utilization.

Automatic sleep, remote wake up

The wireless video encoder used in the Keda fixed wireless monitoring solution has automatic sleep and remote wake-up functions. The combination of the two can save 3G tariffs to the greatest extent without affecting the normal use of users. The user can set the 3G network connection to be automatically disconnected after a period of time (adjustable time) when no code stream is uploaded; when the code stream needs to be uploaded, the device can be woken up remotely. In addition, the encoder also supports wake-up functions such as voice, SMS, alarm, etc., and can be set on the monitoring platform to wake up through the CU client operation. Centralized monitoring of applications at scale.

Quick video export

Keda fixed wireless monitoring solution supports front-end local storage of SD card and fast export of video files. Remote downloading of high-quality video recordings stored in the front-end requires high network bandwidth, which not only increases the cost of 3G use, but also has certain stability problems in the 3G network itself in practical applications. Select a useful video file from the hard disk and copy it to the SD card, you can quickly export the local video without occupying 3G resources.

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