“JD Zhilian Cloud” business unit was established to integrate AI, cloud and IoT businesses

Netease Technology News, March 5th, JD.com said today that in order to unify its brand image and integrate its technical capabilities to better serve internal and external customers, JD Cloud and AI Business Unit officially merged the original JD Cloud, JD Artificial Intelligence, and JD IoT. The brands are unified as “JD Zhilian Cloud” and officially launched on March 5, 2020.

JD.com said, “The establishment of the new business unit will greatly enhance the competitiveness of JD.com in the technical service sector, and together with retail, logistics and digital technology, it will form JD.com’s four core business territories.”

Zhou Bowen, Chairman of the Technical Committee of JD.com Group, President of JD Cloud and AI, and IEEE Fellow, said, “The brand image of JD Zhilian Cloud inherits JD’s ‘red’, representing trustworthiness; it is paired with the world’s universal technology ‘blue’, which represents the commitment to JD.com under the values ​​of JD.com. The persistence of technology and innovation; the infinite symbol formed by interaction and integration, represents the interconnected world of intelligence, and also implies more cutting-edge technologies that are constantly developing and changing.”

At present, JD Zhilian Cloud has achieved a series of results. In the field of artificial intelligence, in 2019, JD AI Research Institute won a total of 8 world rankings and 4 world rankings in many international competitions.

At the beginning of 2017, JD.com announced that it will accelerate the transformation to technology in an all-round way. The financial report for the fourth quarter and full year of 2019 released by JD.com recently showed that the net service revenue for the year was 66.2 billion yuan, a significant increase of 44.1% year-on-year, and the total revenue accounted for more than 10%.

JD.com said that JD.com will increase its investment in technology, integrate the original JD Cloud, artificial intelligence, and IoT into JD Cloud and AI Business Unit, integrate the three types of technologies, and provide customers with rich cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and IoT services. and one-stop solution.

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