Japan’s Toshiba considers splitting company into three by 2023

Japan’s Toshiba Corporation (TOSHIBA) is planning to split the company into three parts for the best interests of shareholders, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported.

Toshiba is expected to split into three companies in 2023, each responsible for infrastructure, equipment, and semiconductor memory to enhance the company’s value.

Japan’s Toshiba statement system pointed out that it is developing the next medium-term plan to enhance the company’s value. Just as the market news, the split company is a confirmed news, so far Toshiba has not made clear details. If there is a final decision, Toshiba will announce it in accordance with the law as soon as possible.

If Toshiba confirms the split plan, all three companies will go public. After listing, they will support shareholders to maximize their interests through their respective business profit structures and continuous operation strategies. In addition to splitting the company, there are also shareholders who propose that the company should be privatized.

Toshiba Japan has a long history and has many star products in the past. At present, its business ranges from power plants to home appliances, as well as air conditioners, hard disks, semiconductor memory, etc., with a wide range, bringing in 200 billion to 800 billion yen in revenue every year. As of March 2021 In the monthly annual financial report, Toshiba’s total revenue reached 3.5 trillion yen (about 30.8 billion US dollars).

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