Interpretation of the latest notice of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, how to promote the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises

Introduction: Recently, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council officially issued the “Notice on Accelerating the Digital Transformation of State-owned Enterprises”, which systematically clarified the foundation, direction, focus and measures of the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises, opened a new chapter in the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises, and actively guided the state-owned enterprises’ digital transformation. In the era of the digital economy, enterprises should accurately recognize changes, respond scientifically, and actively seek changes, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional kinetic energy, and cultivate new kinetic energy for development.

As a mixed-ownership enterprise controlled by a central enterprise, a leader in the domestic Electronic data forensics industry, a leader in public security big data, an expert in cyberspace security and big data intelligence, Meiya Pico (300188, stock bar) is giving full play to its own technological and resource advantages , consolidate its own business foundation and empower industrial development.

 01Keywords: big data middle platform

The notice pointed out that it is necessary to build a basic digital technology platform. Use 5G, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital twins, Beidou communications and other new-generation information technologies to explore and build new IT architecture models such as “data center” and “business center” that adapt to the business characteristics and development needs of enterprises. Build an agile, efficient and reusable new generation of digital technology infrastructure, accelerate the formation of a group-level digital technology empowerment platform, improve the independent research and development level of core architecture, and provide efficient data and integrated service support for business digital innovation.

Big data centers can be said to be Noah’s Ark in the era of massive information. The future development of emerging industries will rely heavily on data resources. Therefore, from national government affairs to major industries, the establishment of data centers will help promote industry transformation and enable enterprises to migrate to the cloud.

However, with the rapid development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, massive amounts of data are disordered and unstructured, and each data source has certain limitations. Multiple government departments and institutions are based on their own chimney-type Data and publishing relevant analysis results will inevitably lead to one-sidedness and fragmentation.

Analyzing the application of big data technology in the “new crown” epidemic, we can see that although big data and other technologies have played an important role in analyzing the development of the epidemic, monitoring the development of local epidemics, and assisting in epidemic prevention and control, however, technology There are still many congenital deficiencies in applications, such as low efficiency in cross-departmental data connection, lack of unified data standards, and difficulties in data sharing.

How big data can better play a supporting role and better serve the society? It is an inevitable choice to build a big data middle platform that integrates various data and information, is open and shared, and is safe and reliable. foundation.

Having been deeply involved in the public security big data informatization business for many years, Meiya Pico has accumulated rich experience. In July 2020, Meiya Pike “Qiankun” big data operating system was released globally for the first time. Multi-industry customers provide comprehensive big data comprehensive solutions, and provide partners with an industrial ecology of co-creation and symbiosis.

Based on years of rich experience in cultivating public security big data informatization business, Meiya Pico is expanding its industry application horizontally, and expanding the construction capability of public security big data middle platform to different levels, departments and industries.

 02Keywords: data governance

The notice pointed out that it is necessary to speed up the construction of the group’s data governance system, clarify the centralized management department for data governance, strengthen data standardization, metadata and master data management, and regularly evaluate the maturity of data governance capabilities. Accelerate the construction of big data platforms, and innovate data fusion analysis and sharing exchange mechanisms. Strengthen the data modeling of business scenarios, dig in-depth data value, and improve data insight capabilities.

Data governance takes data production elements as the object, releases data value as the goal, maintains data security as the bottom line, establishes and improves data life cycle order rules as the core, promotes the orderly management and flow of data as the main activity, and strengthens the A series of activities supported by technical means of data management have the characteristics of comprehensiveness, complexity and long-term nature.

In the process of data governance, business departments need to face the challenges brought about by the integration of multiple business systems and multiple data sources, data collection technology, organizational structure and department gaps, and continuous business iteration. At the same time, data governance is a continuous and long-lasting A process, different problems require different products to solve.

Regarding data governance, Meiya Pico has mature solutions. Among them, the “Qiankun” big data governance platform is the core basic platform of the company’s big data product system, and was selected as the outstanding application technology, products and solutions of the digital economy in Fujian Province in 2020.

The “Qiankun” big data governance platform applies digital technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things to build a high-performance one-stop platform for the management of multi-source heterogeneous data scenarios, and realize digital social governance of the full life cycle. The core technology of the platform is “autonomous and controllable”, which has been completely replaced by localization. Its core advantages are the layered and decoupled technical architecture of the big data system, avoiding chimney construction, and providing a platform for unified management and centralized sharing of SaaS application system data. Quickly build a big data middle platform for the government, enterprises and institutions. Technology and market coverage are in a leading position in the industry.

As a cross-industry and rapidly reusable data governance product within the group, the platform will surely play an important role in promoting the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises.

Completing data modeling efficiently is a key enabler for the success of any data governance program. Simply put, data modeling is based on the understanding of business data and the need for data analysis, integrating and correlating various types of data, so that the data can finally be presented in a visual way, allowing users to quickly and efficiently obtain valuable information in data to make accurate and effective decisions.

The “Tian Su” big data modeling platform launched by Meiya Pico is a data analysis system with product features such as public modeling ecology, intelligent and distributed modeling tools, real-time modeling engine, and resource-based modeling services. It can effectively help relevant personnel to solve problems such as multiple data sources, large amount of data, and complex business.

  03Keywords: security protection

The notice pointed out that the level of security protection should be improved. Build a situational awareness platform and strengthen the security management of platforms, systems, and data. Use safe and reliable equipment and facilities, tool software, information systems and service platforms to improve intrinsic safety. Build a library of basic network security resources such as vulnerability database, virus database, and threat information database, and strengthen the reserve of security resources. Build a testing and verification environment, strengthen safety testing and evaluation, carry out offensive and defensive drills, and speed up the training of professional talent teams.

With the continuous development of informatization, the value of data has become more and more prominent, and the risk of data leakage has also increased. The security application and security prevention of data has become a national security issue.

In order to build a safe big data environment and ensure network security, Meiya Pico has established a complete security situational awareness system, which is based on the big data security analysis mechanism to discover potential intrusion and attack threats and help enterprises build security monitoring and defense. The system is presented in a visual interface to realize the investigation and collection of basic network information, network security data aggregation and big data early warning.

In terms of enterprise data security, Meiya Pico launched the “Enterprise Smart Risk Control Big Data Platform”, in which the smart audit platform covers a wide range of big data risk models such as bidding risk audit, advertisement placement risk, reimbursement audit, procurement audit, and personnel audit. , which can help enterprises comprehensively and intelligently manage enterprise big data, intelligently discover and deal with internal risks, and use big data technology to empower enterprises’ internal audit work, thereby helping enterprises create value.

On September 22, 2020, Meiya Pico officially launched the new cyberspace security section, extending from the “electronic data investigation and evidence collection” after the event to the “cyberspace security” before and after the event, formulating the “Wolf Smoke Plan” and “Great Wall”. “Plan”, combined with the “Zero Trust System”, to build a secure, credible and compliant in-depth, full-chain defense system, build a new generation of cyberspace security protection system, and move towards a new generation of government and enterprise information security.

In terms of network security personnel training, since 2002, Meiya Pico has established the Information Security Institute to provide professional electronic data forensics and network information security teaching training and technical services for various political and legal institutions, universities, and enterprises. In 2003, Meiya Pico Computer Network Security Training Service Center was officially listed and began to undertake network security personnel training from relevant departments.

Up to now, Meiya Pico has held nearly 3,000 classes in electronic data forensics, comprehensive forensics, network information security, etc., training more than 200,000 students at home and abroad, and regularly conducts various skill competitions, offensive and defensive drills, such as “Meiya” Cup”, “Killer Whale Cup”, etc., to promote learning through competitions, improve industry standards and talent reserves.

  04Keywords: industry ecology

The notice pointed out that it is necessary to promote the ecologicalization of the industrial system. Promote data connection, resource sharing and business collaboration between upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain and industrial chain, and improve the optimal allocation and dynamic coordination of industrial chain resources. Strengthen cross-border cooperation and innovation, and jointly explore with internal and external ecological partners to form an integrated, symbiotic, complementary and mutually beneficial cooperation model and business model.

For a long time, Meiya Pico has been committed to building a good industry ecology. In order to promote the cooperation and exchanges between various ecological partners, Meiya Pico initiates and holds “Intelligent Meetings” every year, and starts from the three aspects of project interaction, technical interaction and capital interaction with partners to form technical cooperation, resource complementarity and business synergy to achieve Share common thoughts and win-win results, and focus on the new track.

In 2020, more than 200 corporate executives and core backbones from 111 companies will participate in the “Intelligent Meeting”, mainly focusing on three major issues: big data intelligence, new cyberspace security, and intelligent equipment manufacturing, exploring new industrial models to jointly develop markets, Explore new modes of cooperation between ecological enterprises, explore how to use Meiya Pico’s intelligent manufacturing capabilities to create a common product ecosystem, and explore how to accelerate business cooperation between enterprises in the SDIC system to form a unified network security integrated ecosystem .

On February 20, 2021, Meiya Pico closely followed the pace of SDIC Group and held the first working meeting after the year, focusing on the word “ecology”, focusing on core business, building a three-dimensional and multi-level Meiya ecology, joining “Big ecology”, build “small ecology”, and establish “micro ecology”.

How to better promote the ecologicalization of the industrial system and strengthen cross-border cooperation and innovation, Meiya Pico looks forward to the participation of more partners to jointly explore new requirements, new directions and new measures for the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises in the new era.

 05Keywords: new infrastructure

The notice pointed out that it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of the main force of new infrastructure construction of state-owned enterprises, and actively carry out investment and construction of new infrastructure such as 5G, industrial Internet, and artificial intelligence, and form a new driving force for economic growth (310328). Drive the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and various industries to carry out application investment in new infrastructure, enrich application scenarios, expand application efficiency, and accelerate the formation of an infrastructure system that enables digital transformation and facilitates the development of the digital economy.

The new infrastructure is mainly divided into three aspects: information infrastructure, integration infrastructure, and innovation infrastructure. These include new technology infrastructure represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, etc., and computing power infrastructure represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers. As an important part of the “new infrastructure”, the letter creation industry is also one of the important starting points to stimulate economic development.

Focusing on the new infrastructure, Meiya Pico seized strategic resources, took big data intelligence as one of the company’s important strategic development directions, built a national data center, and promoted the construction of “information infrastructure”; joined Xiamen Kunpeng Computing Industry Alliance to help Xiamen To build “China’s self-controllable server capital”; to launch mature security overall solutions for the network security issues emphasized by “new infrastructure”.

We look forward to working with government agencies, scientific research institutions, and industrial chain enterprises to continuously promote industrial development with independent innovation, and create an application model for the integrated development of digital economy in the industry.

 06Keywords: Intelligent Manufacturing

The notice pointed out that it is necessary to focus on intelligent manufacturing and comprehensively improve the intelligent level of enterprise research and development, design and production.

Intelligent equipment manufacturing is one of the four main businesses of Meiya Pico. In 2015, Meiya Pico formulated the product strategy of “forensics equipment + big data informatization”, that is, to maintain the continuous output of forensics equipment, to serve the front-end intelligent analysis of big data, and to strengthen the linkage between front-end equipment and back-end platforms The realization of small products and large services has gradually become one of the core competitiveness of Meiya Pico in the electronic data forensics industry.

In recent years, Meiya Pico has continuously improved the intelligence level of its own products, improved the supply chain system, launched intelligent police terminals, self-convenient and autonomous equipment involving entry and exit, public security, transportation, medical treatment, etc., vehicle-mounted and mobile equipment, police Using robots, drones and drone countermeasure equipment, the product series is rich, the variety is complete, the application is strong, the market share is high, the user satisfaction is high, and the resource advantage is obvious, which has been widely recognized and praised by the industry.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic electronic data forensics industry, an expert in cyberspace security and big data informatization security, Meiya Pico looks forward to building a hardware equipment sharing platform with more enterprises in the future, and transforming more hardware equipment concepts into practical application results , from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”.

  07 Keywords: smart city

The notice pointed out that it is necessary to highlight the key points and create a demonstration model for the digital transformation of the industry. Promote the deep integration of digitalization and construction of the entire business chain, and help the construction of smart cities.

At present, my country’s cities are in a stage of alternation of old and new governance models, rapid urban population growth, and vigorous development of information technology. The construction and development of smart cities has become the unanimous choice of governments in many places. Smart city is also an important force for the electronic information industry. From informatization to intelligence to intelligence, it is the only way to build a smart city.

Based on the advantages of big data technology and years of industry accumulation, Meiya Pico is extending from public security big data to urban big data, and then to today’s urban brain, bearing more burdens for building a new smart city and assisting the government to improve social governance capabilities. It is believed that with the support of SDIC Group and SDIC Intelligence, Meiya Pico will be able to stand higher and have a larger layout, and work with more partners to achieve greater breakthroughs.

Next, Meiya Pico will continue to leverage its technical advantages in the fields of big data and cyberspace security to strengthen big data security management and privacy protection. And through the company’s four major technologies and product directions, it will strengthen the integration and application of various technologies, empower new economic development with the “city brain” strategy, promote the construction of new smart cities, and contribute its own wisdom and strength to the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises.



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