If foreign countries adopt the policy of “sealing and locking the country”, how long can the memory supply last?

Yufei.com, March 23, as the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the world, in order to prevent and control the epidemic, Malaysia and the Philippines have announced temporary policies of “closing the city” and “closing the country”.

Earlier, Philippine President Duterte announced on the 12th that he had decided to block the capital Manila. The “lockdown” order is in effect from March 15 to April 14. At the same time, Malaysia implemented a two-week “movement restriction order” nationwide from the 18th, prohibiting people from going out in non-essential situations.

It is reported that part of the back-end packaging capacity of DRAM and NAND Flash is located in the above two countries. Therefore, whether the memory supply will be affected has attracted the attention of the industry. According to the local production capacity surveyed by TrendForce, although the two countries are still in the stage of locking down the country and the city, as the current lockdown will end within a month at the longest, so with the support of the original factory still having inventory, there will be no production for the time being. The current memory supply is affected.

Data source: TrendForce

In addition, it is worth noting that as the epidemic continues to spread, it is worrying whether the average price of memory will reverse in advance. In addition, whether the country will be locked down for a longer period of time may also bring variables to the next memory supply.

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