Huawei mobile phones are self-reliant!Foreign pre-installed own application market

On February 18, Honor Mobile official Weibo announced that on February 24, 2020, a global online conference will be held in Europe. The official said, “Honor V30 officially debuted with a new ecology”.

It is reported that the Honor V30 will be equipped with HMS service (Huawei Mobile Service) for the first time in Europe, which will also be Huawei’s first smartphone with pre-installed HMS ecosystem.

According to reports, Honor President Zhao Ming said in an interview that Honor is currently making final preparations for the Barcelona press conference on February 24. At this conference, Honor will release the Honor V30 series pre-installed with Huawei’s own App Gallery (application market) overseas.

He revealed that the Honor V30 series and X series released overseas in the future will be pre-installed with Huawei’s App Gallery.

Zhao Ming said that in the future, HMS will become one of the most popular ecosystems for consumers in the global market, and it will take a year or even less time to walk the road that others have traveled for several years.

However, he also admitted that compared with Google’s GMS service, HMS’s overseas ecosystem does require a process from the start of construction to parity. At present, Huawei and Honor are focusing on making up for every shortcoming with the fastest time and speed.

After being included in the Entity List by the United States, Huawei’s mobile phone products cannot be pre-installed with Google’s GMS services. At last year’s developer conference, Huawei opened up the HMS ecosystem to replace Google’s GMS services. In January this year, Huawei released HMS Core 4.0 to the world.

HMS Core 4.0 has launched a large number of new functions, including HUAWEI ID, payment, analysis, cloud space, and game services that have been in operation for many years, and advertising and location services that have been online for 4 months. Long-standing new capabilities, including machine learning services, context awareness services, unified code scanning services, short-range communication services, panoramic services, security detection services, dynamic tag manager services, online fast authentication services, location services, and quick application services , digital copyright services, sports health services, user identity services, etc., many of which also support the integration of Huawei’s core-device-cloud capabilities.

Based on the above capabilities, HMS Core can fully provide a full range of services for different mobile application developers around the world, and has the characteristics of security and reliability, global distribution, one-step access, and accurate access to global users, which can effectively reduce the development threshold and cost.

According to the latest data released by Huawei, the number of developers attracted by the HMS ecosystem has also increased from 910,000 to 1.3 million. The AppGallery app store has more than 400 million monthly active users, and 55,000 apps have been launched.

According to the latest report, Huawei Consumer BG has established a new secondary department “Global Ecological Development Department”, which is specially responsible for promoting Huawei’s HMS ecological construction on a global scale.

There are tentatively 36 employees in this department. The president is Wang Yanmin, who previously served as the president of Huawei’s Northeast European Consumer Business, and reports directly to Yu Chengdong.

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