Huaheng’s 2-channel CDMA wireless network video surveillance solution based on DSP

1. Huaheng HH2CDMA-R1 product overview:

Huaheng HH2CDMA-R1 wireless network video product has a built-in digital camera system with two CDMA 1X wireless Internet access modules. It integrates video capture, real-time compression, wireless network transmission and other functions. It has its own local IP address and network interface module. Obtain dynamic IP address through CDMA network dial-up for network connection and video information data transmission.

Huaheng HH2CDMA-R1 wireless network video server is based on high-performance DSP platform, adopts embedded system design, can perform CIF video encoding up to 120 frames per second, and supports real-time video encoding with resolution up to D1, to achieve real high Clear real-time video surveillance.

Since the theoretical value of the CDMA network bandwidth is 153Kbps, the actual bandwidth of a single CDMA network is generally between 20Kbps and 80Kbps. Restricted by CDMA network bandwidth, CIF video coding is generally used, the network video transmission frame rate is between 8 and 20 frames, and the average delay is controlled within 3S.

Huaheng’s 2-channel CDMA wireless network video surveillance solution based on DSP

Second, Huaheng HH2CDMA-R1 product features:

1. Dynamic adaptive 2-channel video input;

2. Dual CDMA channel adaptive transmission, the network bandwidth is 1.8 times stronger than single channel. In addition to the single-channel device H.264 ultra-low-stream video compression technology, channel dynamic adaptation technology, and wireless channel transmission error correction technology, dual CDMA adds dual-channel automatic balance coordination transmission function, which can effectively ensure stable channel transmission; It takes advantage of the advantages of single-module equipment and makes up for the shortage of single-card network bandwidth. It is compatible with the use of single-card devices. Even if only one CDMA card is working, images can be transmitted normally;

3. SD card storage, large-capacity, long-term preservation of monitoring data;

4. Support battery power supply or charging current power supply, and can work portable;

5. The size of the main board is small and can be placed in smaller devices to work.

3. The functions that Huaheng HH2CDMA-R1 can achieve:

1. The input composite video is encoded into H.264 video format, and the video is transmitted at an ultra-low bit rate, and the PC terminal can watch the encoded video in real time through the network.

2. The video format is as follows:

Video size: CIF

Encoding format: H.264

Bit rate: 30~400 kbps

Video frame rate: 8~25 fps

Peak signal-to-noise ratio: 33

3.Video input mode: two channels of video can be dynamically adaptively switched

4. Network transmission and local recording and storage of video stream: It can select different working modes such as single-channel single CDMA, single-channel dual CDMA, dual-channel dual CDMA simultaneous local recording and storage.

Fourth, the actual effect:

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