Hongmeng HMS makes Google dissatisfied, and Kirin chip mobile phones are completely blocked?

Hongmeng HMS makes Google dissatisfied, and Kirin chip mobile phones are completely blocked?

At present, smart phones can be said to be diverse in terms of hardware, but in terms of operating systems, they are only divided into iOS and Android (the share of the rest of the systems is low enough to be ignored). Among them, iOS is a closed-source system that is only used by Apple itself, and does not exist. It is possible to be open, and although the Android system belongs to Google, it is open source and is used by the vast majority of mobile phones on the market. Although some manufacturers will conduct some deep customization based on Android, the underlying code of the system cannot be changed.

In fact, mobile phone manufacturers are not unaware of the importance of self-developed systems. Manufacturers such as Samsung have also come up with the Tizen system, but unfortunately they can’t compete with Android on the mobile phone side. Currently, they only shine in the field of smart watches.

In addition, Huawei also has a self-developed Hongmeng system, and it will start testing on the mobile phone next month. This is also the beginning of breaking away from Android. However, there are rumors that Huawei’s self-developed system has made Google quite dissatisfied, and the Kirin chip mobile phone has been updated. further blockade.

Hongmeng HMS makes Google dissatisfied, and Kirin chip mobile phones are completely blocked?

It can be said that Google has made a ruthless move this time, and systematically blocked all Huawei mobile phones equipped with Kirin chips. Some foreign netizens have tested and found that Google has added a new detection measure to the Android system. Huawei devices with Kirin chips will be banned from installing Google apps, which is much more serious than the previous ban.

Before, we just stopped providing authorization to Huawei for the latest Android system version, but some Huawei mobile phones using old Android versions can still be used normally, and some foreign versions can also install Google apps normally. And it is fully promoting the HMS ecological construction, hoping to replace Google GMS. At present, it seems that the progress is going smoothly, but Google can’t stand it anymore.

This time, Google blocked all detours and directly detected Kirin chips, in an attempt to exclude all Huawei phones from the Google GMS ecosystem.

Hongmeng HMS makes Google dissatisfied, and Kirin chip mobile phones are completely blocked?

Foreign netizens said that the method of first downloading some APK files to the local, and then manually Android to the Huawei mobile phone is no longer valid, and now using this method will be reminded that the CPU processor is not compatible, but the netizen said that the same method will be used in The APK file can be successfully installed on an old Samsung mobile phone. It is obvious that Google has blocked Huawei mobile phones at the processor level. Unless Huawei mobile phones no longer use Kirin chips, this blocking is irreversible.

Of course, Huawei is not without countermeasures to this unfair treatment. Hongmeng, which is about to be tested on mobile phones, is the basic guarantee, and Hongmeng is open source, which means that most mobile phones can install the Hongmeng system, and the scale of HMS ecosystem has rushed to the world. The third position, although there is still a certain gap compared with Android, there are already a large number of developers developing applications for the Hongmeng system. Although the HMS ecological construction is not an overnight thing, at least the beginning is smooth, as long as Huawei is willing to continue Going down, replacing Android can also be said to be just around the corner.

If the follow-up Hongmeng system opens a wider range of tests, if conditions permit, I am still interested in trying it on the backup machine first.

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