Home Appliances Expo kicks off: Midea’s IoT innovation technology debuts for the first time

Home Appliances Expo kicks off: Midea’s IoT innovation technology debuts for the first time

From October 24th to 26th, the 2019 China (Guangdong) International Household Appliances Expo was held at Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Midea IoT brought a series of smart home appliances and innovative technologies for the first time. Dr. Hu Ziqiang, Vice President and CTO of Midea Group , Midea Group Brand Communication CMO Qu Xiangming and other leaders attended the event.

Midea’s technological innovation has entered a new level

As a feast of technological innovation in the home appliance industry, this year’s expo, with the theme of “intelligent sharing, intelligent future”, is mainly divided into five major exhibition halls: brand image hall, kitchen and bathroom electrical appliance hall, living electrical appliance hall, intelligent and intelligent manufacturing hall, and home appliance industry hall. The exhibition area reached 50,000 square meters, and activities such as the China Household Appliances Technology Conference and the 2019 China Household Appliances Smart Retail Innovation Summit were held at the same time, attracting more than 70% of large and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province. 522 square meters.

During the exhibition, Jiang Feng, chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, and other leaders visited the Midea exhibition area, accompanied by Midea Group Vice President and CTO Dr. Hu Ziqiang and Midea Group Brand Communication CMO Qu Xiangming.


Home Appliances Expo kicks off: Midea’s IoT innovation technology debuts for the first time

Midea Group Vice President and CTO Dr. Hu Ziqiang introduced Midea smart home appliances to the guests

Focusing on the three smart scene spaces of living room, bedroom and kitchen, the smart home appliances exhibited by Midea this time cover smart door locks, air purifiers, sweepers, air conditioners, rice cookers, canopy range hoods, smart cookers, voice ovens, smart Speakers and other 18 categories.

Since mid-2018, Midea Group has vigorously introduced the “Smart Life” whole-house smart solution in the domestic market, and integrated it into the Mercure platform to provide professional one-stop smart life services for families. Midea IoT Company will continue to provide consumers with Whole house intelligent integration, home appliance integration, intelligent interaction and other whole house intelligent solutions.


Home Appliances Expo kicks off: Midea’s IoT innovation technology debuts for the first time

Midea Smart Home Exhibition Area

Midea’s IoT smart home appliance innovation technology debut

At the exhibition, Midea IoT technicians demonstrated the latest innovative technologies applied to smart home appliances for the guests, such as fast distribution network technology, random direct connection, etc. Among them, the first full-link near-field communication technology application in the home appliance industry was launched” The “Smart Touch” function aroused the attention of the scene, and they were the first to experience the technology. This is also the first time that the “Smart Touch” function has been publicly unveiled with major smart products since its release in early October this year.


Home Appliances Expo kicks off: Midea’s IoT innovation technology debuts for the first time

Using Midea’s Smart Touch, you can easily realize the automatic network distribution and control of smart home appliances

Li Chenglin, head of the “Mobile Smart+” laboratory of Midea IoT Company, said that many users are reluctant to use smart home appliances because of the complicated operation. “Smart Touch” was developed to improve the operating experience of smart home appliances. Through this technology, users only need to touch the label with a smartphone to realize automatic network configuration and automatic control, which greatly simplifies the original need to download the App, manually configure the network, find the operation page and other steps. It supports both iOS and Android systems at the same time. “The high cost of intelligent implementation is also a factor that hinders the rapid popularization of smart homes.” Li Chenglin said, “Smart Touch” has the characteristics of ultra-low cost and ease of use, which greatly improves the experience of smart products and reduces users’ smart recognition. Knowing the threshold, with the promotion of this technology, it can effectively solve the system barriers of near field communication technology and accelerate the popularization of smart homes.


Home Appliances Expo kicks off: Midea’s IoT innovation technology debuts for the first time

The intelligent cooking robot can be controlled by Xiaomei AI voice assistant

In terms of improving user experience, Midea’s IoT technology R&D personnel demonstrated to the audience how to obtain smart life services through the Mercure App and Xiaomei AI voice assistant. With 500+ practical skills, Xiaomei speakers can provide functions such as home appliance voice control, life assistants and tool assistants. It can control all types of Midea smart home appliances and provide services such as massive audio and stories, allowing users to set different smart scenes and switch at will.

As a unified user portal for Midea’s smart home, the Mercure App supports all brands of Midea Group as well as smart home appliances and smart devices that join the Mercure ecological chain. At present, it has been connected to hundreds of smart products, supporting Xiaomei smart speakers, Bull smart sockets, etc. Eco-cooperative brand. Through the Mercure App or the Mercure Lite applet, users can remotely control home appliances, build smart scenes, obtain recipes and after-sales services, and purchase Midea smart home appliances in the Mercure Mall. As of October 2019, more than 36 million users were using Midea’s smart home appliances and services, and the number of connected devices exceeded 10 million.


Midea’s R&D technology lecturer introduces Midea’s smart products to the audience

The wave of the AIoT era is sweeping. In the future, Midea IoT will continue to increase investment in research and development and introduce high-end talents. From technology research and development to terminal control, “user experience first” will continue to deepen the field of smart home, and with a more open mind Join hands with the upstream and downstream of the industry to develop together, so that more and more families and individuals can enjoy the beautiful life brought by smart homes, and continue to promote the intelligent transformation of Midea Group.

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