For female users, the Honor 50 satisfies the beauty control!

For female users, the Honor 50 satisfies the beauty control!

For female users, the Honor 50 satisfies the beauty control!

Author: Gong Jinhui

Last night, the Honor 50 series was officially released. Among them, Honor 50 SE is equipped with Dimensity 900, and the price starts from 2399 yuan; Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro are the world’s first Snapdragon 778G chips, and the price starts from 2699 yuan and 3699 yuan respectively.

After watching the entire press conference given by Honor CEO Zhao Ming, my biggest impression is that he deliberately downplayed the configuration and emphasized appearance and photography, which are precisely the selling points that female users are most concerned about. Obviously, the Honor 50 series is mainly for young women. They are good looking, like to take pictures, and are not sensitive to configuration parameters and prices.

Therefore, the Honor 50 series is the benchmark for the OPPO Reno series and the vivo X series, and is mainly sold in the offline market. This is not surprising. After leaving Huawei, most of the shareholders of Glory are offline channel providers. The offline market accounts for nearly 70% of the overall mobile phone sales. This is also the key to its rapid recovery. It rose to 9.5% at the end of May.

In fact, whether it is the Honor V40 at the beginning of the year or the Honor 50 series just released, Honor has unknowingly aligned with OPPO and vivo, both learning and benchmarking, but it is not willing to admit it publicly. To put it bluntly, the Honor V40 and Honor 50 series are commonly known as “offline machines”, showing people with a low profile and high price.

At the end of May, Xiaomi partner Lu Weibing publicly bombarded offline phones. Once the Honor 50 series was released, he couldn’t help feeling that it was another offline phone. At the same time, the Honor 50 series is equipped with 100 million pixels as standard, which was also soured by Lu Weibing.

He posted a PPT that said, “Whether friends and businessmen will follow Xiaomi’s ‘wrong’ high-pixel direction in 2020”. It turned out that this was Lu Weibing’s PPT at the Redmi K30 launch event in December 2019. I didn’t expect the prediction to come true one and a half years later. “I think that a certain brand, whether official or ‘navy’, vigorously criticized 100 million pixels and shouted in the wrong direction.”

He bluntly said that 100 million pixels is the right direction, and to the majority of users, Amway Redmi Note9 Pro is also equipped with 100 million pixels, and the 618 special price starts at 1499 yuan, suggesting that it is more valuable than the Honor 50 series, and it is more cost-effective to buy hands during 618 .

For female users, the Honor 50 satisfies the beauty control!

In my opinion, Lu Weibing’s diss Glory follows up with 100 million pixels. You know, in January last year, Xiong Junmin, vice president of Honor products, publicly stated that the direction of 100 million pixels was wrong, and made it clear that Honor does not currently consider using 100 million pixels, and simply stacking pixels is only the initial stage.

From a professional point of view, he also explained in detail why the billion-level pixels were in the wrong direction, and was then refuted by Xiaomi executives such as Lu Weibing, and a fierce war of words broke out between the two sides. Note that the wrong direction of 100 million pixels refers to the disapproval of the technical direction of 100 million pixels, which has nothing to do with the development of the technology, even if the technology is mature.

But the reality is that Honor has dug a hole for itself, and in the end, it is still difficult to escape the law of true fragrance, living the way it hated at the beginning, and using the technology of 100 million pixels on the Honor 50 series. As for Lu Weibing, there is nothing wrong with the Honor 50 series being an offline machine. In order to leave enough profit margins for offline dealers at all levels, they can only go the route of low price and high price. This is also the style of offline machines.

Do a little survey: Will you buy the Honor 50 series? If you buy it, do you go for the spokesperson Gong Jun or do you think the product is good?

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