Focusing on chip design, Huinengtai completed the A+ round of financing of 50 million yuan

News from the investment community on April 25, recently, Shenzhen Huinengtai semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Huinengtai) announced the completion of 50 million yuan A+ round of financing, from Jiaxing Waniu Zhixin Equity Investment Partnership, GF Qianhe Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Weihe Ruiyuan Investment Partnership, Guangdong Yunsheng Equity Investment Partnership and other joint investments, and the old shareholder Shenzhen High-tech Investment continued to add. This round of financing is mainly used for the accelerated layout and market promotion of new products.

Huinengtai was established in 2015, focusing on the definition, development and commercialization of high-performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. The company team has more than ten years of development experience in the field of industrial-grade power chips. The company is currently committed to building an overall solution for the USB Type-C and PD ecological chain, and has developed more than ten high-performance USB eMarker chips, PD charging end protocol chips, PD power receiving end protocol chips, load switch chips and other products. Achieve mass production and are widely used in charging adapters, high-quality cables and various mobile devices. At the same time, actively deploy various power management chips and USB signal transmission chips. While continuing to provide customers with cost-effective products, and gradually establish a strict quality management system, the company will continue to deepen long-term strategic cooperation with leading customers in the industry.

The company’s current main products include fast charging protocol chips and digital power management chips. In terms of the fast charging protocol chip business, 9 products have been released, and there are more than 300 client cooperation projects. Benchmark customers include Lenovo, Belkin, Verizon, Walmart, Hikvision, etc., which have become the fastest charging protocol chips in the field of shipments. One of the three largest domestic chip design companies.

It is reported that Huinengtai received a joint angel round of financing from Zhengxuan Investment and Shenzhen High-tech Investment in 2019; it received a joint A round of investment from Xiamen semiconductor and Falcon Investment in 2020, and the old shareholders Zhengxuan Investment and Shenzhen High-tech Investment added.

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