FCC certification documents show that B&O is about to launch new noise-canceling full-surround headphones

Bang & Olufsen’s B&O Play brand is about to launch a new full-surrounding wireless headset. The new model “Beoplay H95” has passed the FCC certification and is expected to be a new member of the full-surrounding noise-cancelling Beoplay H9 series. According to FCC certification documents, the Beoplay H95 may change from the circular design of the H9s to an oval design. However, there is not a lot of content published in the document at present, so more useful information cannot be obtained.

In his review of the H9s, former The Verge editor Vlad Savov said the headphones were very comfortable and had excellent noise-cancellation, but he said the sound was too soft and the touch controls on the headphones were poor. This was followed by the release of the H9i version in January 2018, with retuned sound, improved touch controls, USB-C charging and improved battery life. Released in May 2019, the third-generation H9s added Google Assistant and more battery life improvements, along with some minor tweaks to the earpads and headband.

All three were priced at $500 when they went on sale, and the current official price for the third-generation model is still $500. But if Google Assistant isn’t your thing, there’s a refurbished H9is on Amazon for $200 less.

The Links:   LM64C142 SP14Q002-A1

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