Driving the evolution and transformation of industrial technology with innovative sensing solutions

In industry, from precise position and speed control in forklifts, to variable frequency drives and precision factory and warehouse robotics, innovative sensing is seen in a wide range of applications, with one clear trend being the increasing depth and breadth of automation. In the warehouse and factory space, many companies are turning to multi-story buildings to save on real estate costs and close proximity to densely populated cities, requiring more advanced equipment such as elevators, forklifts and robots.

  Safety is the primary guarantee

The higher the degree of automation of industrial equipment, the more important the safety is. In order to ensure the safety of personnel and facilities, and to ensure the normal operation of production activities, it is necessary to ensure the safe operation of these equipment at all times.One way to achieve high safety is preventive maintenance, which not only helps reduce unplanned maintenance/repair costs, but also keeps people and equipment in the plant safe by reducing the potential for failure of critical components

Allegro’s Hall and GMR speed sensors can identify reductions in gear speed that could signal impending bearing failure. Allegro’s current sensors can detect overcurrent conditions, often caused by overloaded motors, and this detection feature adds an extra layer of safety to prevent injury to equipment or personnel. Current sensors can also be used to monitor motor current waveforms and provide predictive maintenance and advanced diagnostic information to improve the overall efficiency and longevity of the motor.

  High integration simplifies industrial design

In addition to the above security challenges, industrial automation and smart factories are also generally facing the transition from mechanical systems to highly complex Electronic systems. Allegro has developed a series of innovative, highly integrated solutions to make it easier for customers to design advanced, efficient and powerful industrial sensing systems. The benefits of these high levels of integration can be seen in all of Allegro’s sensor product lines, from current sensors to speed and linearity sensors, Allegro’s goal is to help customers reduce circuit board requirements while improving system performance and reliability. the number of components, simplifying process design and component procurement management.

Allegro’s fully integrated solutions provide superior performance, a smaller footprint, and more functionality while simplifying PCB layout and eliminating potential failures due to component crowding in the design. All of these solutions have very competitive prices and features to meet the needs of the market.

  High efficiency is the eternal theme

All over the world, especially in Asia, the industrial sector is facing the challenge of improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. It is expected that the trend of energy shortage will become more and more obvious in the next decade. Therefore, industrial manufacturers need to adopt low-power solutions. options to deal with possible energy shortages. Sustainability is the goal that Allegro has always pursued, and we are always striving to explore more innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency.

Allegro’s latest current sensor ICs are an example of innovation used in industrial and factory automation, and the ACS720 series is one example. It is an easy-to-use, high-efficiency solution with extremely low resistance, ideally suited to customers’ design goals for a “green” solution on the factory floor. One use case for the ACS720 is Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), a solution that requires very low power loss for current sensing, integrates highly optimized algorithms to improve performance and efficiency, and utilizes this family of sensors for high-precision motor control.

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