DeepRoute Releases New Sensors to Accelerate Development of Self-Driving Cars

According to foreign media reports, DeepRoute, a provider of L4 autonomous driving solutions, has released the sensing solution DeepRoute-Sense, which aims to enable the autonomous driving vehicle industry to deploy sensors faster and further promote and promote the development of the entire industry.

The solution includes a sleek, lightweight roof box and advanced sensor fusion calibration services. The roof box consists of eight on-board cameras, three lidars, GNSS, and a range of other sensors to help communicate and synchronize data between controllers. The mechanical structure of the roof box is independently designed by DeepRoute and has excellent steering, heat dissipation and sealing functions. Compared to other products currently on the market, the roof box is lighter, smaller and more shock resistant. Equipped with four tripods, the roof box can be easily mounted on the roof of different car models for sensor deployment.

The solution uses DeepRoute’s self-developed in-vehicle camera with anti-glare, anti-ghosting and reliable signal detection functions. Compared to other cameras in the industry, the camera is less expensive and has a higher dynamic range. The roof box adapts to different extreme weather conditions, and can handle exposure stably and avoid overexposure, whether in strong sunlight or in bright light at night.


The roof box is also equipped with a sensor data processing device, ADS Synchronous Controller (ADS Synchronous Controller), which can preprocess and fuse massive data from cameras, lidars, GNSS and other sensors through high-precision spatiotemporal synchronization. In addition, ADS Synchronous Controller also supports DNN and SLAM hardware acceleration, which greatly improves computing efficiency.

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