China Mobile partners with Intel, HP and MediaTek to build a new generation of 5G PCs

China Mobile and Intel, HP and MediaTek (MediaTek) announced that they will cooperate in the field of 5G mobile PCs to jointly create a new generation of fully connected PCs.

China Mobile, Intel, HP and MediaTek “quartet partners” believe that 5G fully connected PCs will play an unprecedented and important role in new application scenarios such as online education and remote office, and will also be of great significance to the development of society and various industries. As the world’s largest and leading 5G operator, China Mobile will join hands with Intel, HP, and MediaTek to carry out market cooperation on a new generation of 5G fully connected PCs, providing end users with 5G data packages and high-quality mobile communication services.

As the world’s leading technology company, HP will focus on advanced 5G PC product design and innovation, adding 5G connectivity to its PC product portfolio, supporting China Mobile in expanding 5G application scenarios, and improving end users’ fully connected PC experience. HP will launch high-end 5G fully-connected laptops and value-added application services in the near future, bringing users a new 5G experience in online education, telecommuting, video streaming, video broadcasting, and 5G cloud gaming.

As an industry leader, Intel will create world-changing technologies, enable global progress and enrich lives, and will contribute expertise in PC platform innovation and performance to provide modern computing technology for China Mobile’s 5G PC applications.

As the world’s leading semiconductor company, MediaTek has the world’s most advanced 5G modem platform solutions, providing 5G fully interconnected PCs with 5G SA independent networking and 5G NR carrier aggregation and other leading 5G technologies support, better adapt to China Mobile’s 5G Serve.

The four-way partners will act as an alliance of strategic partners to jointly deliver on the value proposition of target markets through China Mobile’s 5G services, Intel’s computing technologies, HP’s advanced PC portfolio and client applications, and MediaTek’s 5G modem solutions.

China Mobile adheres to the “three more and three new” terminal product strategy, continues to improve the multi-mode and multi-frequency capabilities of terminals, accelerates the development of multi-modal terminals, promotes new services, upgrades new rights, and innovates new models to better meet the needs of individuals, families, and industries. field needs.

The “quartet cooperation” will accelerate the innovation of 5G fully-connected PC products, expand the usage scenarios of 5G fully-connected PCs, continue to enrich 5G applications, and provide consumers with high-quality products and user experience.

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