China Mobile 5G Private Network Summit Forum was held in Chongqing, China Mobile 5G Private Network Product System 2.0 was released

China Mobile 5G Private Network Summit Forum was held in Chongqing, China Mobile 5G Private Network Product System 2.0 was released

On October 20th, the China Mobile 5G Private Network Summit Forum hosted by China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. and hosted by the Chongqing Nan’an District People’s Government, the Chongqing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, and China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. was held in Chongqing. With the theme of “New Base for 5G Private Network, New Future for Digital Intelligence Industry”, the forum focused on China Mobile’s 5G private network development strategy, detailed explanation of 5G + digital intelligence base, 5G private network product system 2.0 and OneCyber ​​brand release, and “five first-class” cooperation The contract signing, 5G private network ecological release and other aspects were launched.

Zhou Qing, Deputy Secretary General of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, Director of Chongqing Investment Promotion Bureau, and Zhao Dachun, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Communications Group attended the forum and delivered speeches. Yan Wei, Secretary of Chongqing Nan’an District Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Chongqing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yang Zhenghua, Deputy Director of Chongqing Economic and Information Commission, Yang Fan, Deputy Director of Chongqing Big Data Development Bureau, He Hongliang, Deputy Director of Chongqing Communications Administration, Nan’an District Wang Maochun, Mayor of the Government and Director of the Management Committee of Chongqing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wei Bing, Deputy General Manager of the Government and Enterprise Division of China Mobile Communications Group, Xia Yong, General Manager of China Mobile Communications Group Chongqing Co., Ltd., and Yu, General Manager of China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. Chengzhi and other leaders attended the forum.

In his speech, Zhou Qing pointed out that in recent years, Chongqing has vigorously promoted the construction of 5G network and actively promoted the “5G+” integrated innovation and development. The Chongqing Municipal Government and China Mobile have maintained close cooperation for a long time, relying on the “5G Digital Chongqing” strategic cooperation agreement, and continue to promote the development of new infrastructure with 5G as the core. We will continue to deepen the in-depth cooperation with China Mobile in the development of the 5G industry, and accelerate the promotion of 5G commercialization and 5G construction.

In his speech, Zhao Dachun said that the development of 5G private network is the basis for promoting the large-scale application of 5G, the key to accelerating the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry, and the incumbent mission and responsibility of operators. In 2020, China Mobile took the lead in the industry to release a 5G private network product system, and innovated to create an a la carte BAF business model, aiming to provide industry customers with a private network with stable performance, visible services, security and reliability, and flexible models. Over the past year, “Preferred, Exclusive, Exclusive” has become an industry standard, and 5G private networks play an increasingly important role in the digital transformation of the industry. Zhao Dachun said that China Mobile will still stick to its mission, never forget its original intention, and make every effort to build a “customer-centric” network, continue to improve product capabilities, and optimize service levels, so that 5G private networks can better meet the needs of customers in various industries. , management, and operational needs. At the same time, relying on the deep accumulation of modules, chips and platforms of China Mobile Internet of Things Company, it will continue to forge the digital intelligence base of 5G private network, and accelerate the deep integration of 5G and new-generation information technology.

China Mobile 5G Private Network Summit Forum was held in Chongqing, China Mobile 5G Private Network Product System 2.0 was released

The Nan’an District Government of Chongqing Municipality and China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. held a “five first-class” signing ceremony

China Mobile seizes the opportunity of digital and intelligent transformation, strengthens the responsibility of central enterprises, vigorously promotes the deep integration of “5G+IoT” and regional industries, and actively explores project cooperation with local governments and enterprises in Chongqing. At the forum, Chongqing Nan’an District Government and China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. held the “Five First-class” (domestic first-class IoT exhibition center, domestic first-class IoT training center, domestic first-class IoT open laboratory, domestic first-class IoT R&D center) Center, the domestic first-class Internet of things industrial park) signing ceremony to promote 5G innovation and development, help Chongqing industrial transformation and upgrading and the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.

In the product release session of the forum, Wei Bing, deputy general manager of the government and enterprise division of China Mobile Group Corporation, shared the development strategy of China Mobile’s 5G private network. She pointed out that 5G, as the first of new infrastructure, is becoming an important engine for social and economic networked, digital and intelligent transformation. China Mobile deeply implements the 5G+ plan, and systematically promotes the integration of 5G into all industries. In the future, China Mobile will fully implement the deployment of the 5G application “Sailing” action plan, deepen the new core of 5G private network, build a network service-centered capability system, rely on 5G private network to cut into enterprise production, and help 5G penetrate into “ordinary alleys”. Expand the application scale of 5G industry.

In the past two years, the scale effect of 5G private network has begun to show, which has put forward new requirements for the digital transformation of the industry. Yu Chengzhi, general manager of China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd., said in his speech that in July 2020, China Mobile took the lead in releasing 5G private network 1.0 in the industry. System 2.0. The 5G private network product system 2.0 focuses on 18 sub-sectors such as factories and mines, builds a 5G + digital intelligence base, provides standardized and modular products and services, and supports rapid integration and delivery of projects. Customers can “build a house” based on the base, develop industrial applications, develop personalized products, and save development costs.

At the meeting, OneCyber, a new brand of China Mobile’s 5G + digital base, was released

At the forum, OneCyber, a new brand of China Mobile’s 5G+ digital base, was released. China Mobile builds digital infrastructure around “connection + computing power + capability”, and strives to build OneCyber ​​5G + digital intelligence base, providing 5 layers of general capabilities, namely data layer, operation layer, computing power layer, connection layer, perception layer capabilities .

In terms of data layer, a network digital twin platform has been launched to enable digital operation and maintenance of enterprises by adopting data collection, analysis, warning, and reverse control.

In terms of the operation layer, the OneCyber ​​5G private network operation platform was released to transform the network capabilities of technical flows into one-stop services, providing customers with functions such as one-stop shopping, one-click activation, one-screen control, and one-point opening, helping the industry to achieve integration business operations.

In terms of computing power layer, a modular integrated MEC (edge ​​computing) integrated solution was launched. The solution is a new 5G infrastructure based on “connection + computing power + capability”, which aggregates the edge ecosystem and realizes standardized and modularized rapid deployment.

In terms of connection layer, the upgraded version of “You Zhuan Zun” was launched to continuously find the best solution for customers. Premium upgrade: Build a dual-domain private network to serve customers in 2B and 2C scenarios. In the case of not changing cards or numbers, you can switch between the private network and the Internet without feeling; Exclusive upgrade: Build a private network for computing power and integrate the edge The computing network provides field-level “connection + computing power” capabilities, realizes local offloading, and supports one-click deployment of applications on the edge side and fast boarding. Exclusive upgrade: optimize the main and standby private networks, provide redundant backup, and recognize and ensure the normal operation of the private network in the event of a loss of connection with the large network.

In terms of perception layer, cost-effective 5G modules and 5G industrial gateways that support flexible customization of protocols have been launched. The 5G module can provide a stable 5G network connection for the terminal, support a variety of peripheral interfaces and network protocols, and can be used in home gateways, PDAs, laptops, AR/VR and other scenarios. The 5G industrial gateway provides data analysis functions and rich interfaces, which can be connected to production equipment such as sensors, meters, PLCs, etc., and are widely used in urban, industrial, energy, security and other fields.

In the industrial ecology exchange session, Zhang Jin, deputy director of the Chongqing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, shared the theme of the 5G + IoT industry layout in Nan’an District. Subsequently, Chongqing Nan’an District, China Mobile Government and Enterprise Division, China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. and partners jointly held a China Mobile 5G private network ecological release ceremony.

In the best practice sharing session of the forum, Dongfang Electric, Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department, Jiangsu Mobile, and Shanxi Mobile conducted wonderful 5G industry application sharing.

At the end of the forum, China Mobile’s government and enterprise business department awarded China Mobile’s 5G private network best practice license. Zhejiang Mobile, Guangdong Mobile and Chongqing Mobile won the Business Innovation Award. Shandong Mobile, Sichuan Mobile and Shanxi Mobile won the Industry Pioneer Award. Hebei Mobile, Henan Mobile, Jiangsu Mobile and Shaanxi Mobile won the Service Demonstration Award.

The tide urges people to enter, and the wind is just setting sail. The curtain of 5G-enabled digital-intelligence transformation of the industry has been slowly opened. China Mobile will work hand in hand with partners to ride the wind and waves, seize the new opportunities of 5G, and jointly write a new chapter of 5G innovation and application. Smart society makes new and greater contributions.

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