China Coal Science and Huawei join forces with 5G to start large-scale application of coal mines

China Coal Science and Coal Science Academy and Huawei officially released the “F5G Intelligent Coal Mine Application Solution” and “Coal Mine F5G Application Technology White Paper” in Beijing, and the “Intelligent Mine Joint Laboratory” was established simultaneously. The large-scale application of 5G in coal mines is thus started.

Wang Guofa, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that as a new generation of mining network infrastructure, F5G optical network will provide an information highway for the intelligent construction of coal mines, further strengthen the real-time perception of multi-source information in coal mines, and enable the whole process of man-machine-environment-management digital Interconnection and efficient collaboration, reduce safety management and control risks, and promote fully automated operations on production sites.

According to the introduction of China Coal Science, the “F5G intelligent coal mine application solution” is based on the fifth-generation fixed network technology (F5G). It can provide rich communication access methods, such as PON port, 100M electrical port, Gigabit electrical port, RS485 communication, CAN bus, etc. The solution provides intelligent video recognition for important scenes such as foreign objects on underground belts and personnel violations, and remote control of shearers, roadheaders, pumps, compressors, switches and other equipment to ensure safety monitoring and precise positioning systems (personnel, vehicles, and underground intelligent transportation) It provides a simple, reliable and ultra-high-speed industrial data transmission network. This solution is a further innovation in the field of network architecture, protocol and process, which can escort the intelligent upgrade of the coal industry.

The “Coal Mine F5G Application Technology White Paper” provides technical guidance for the application of F5G in the underground.

The establishment of the “Intelligent Mine Joint Laboratory” further aggregates industrial strength, laying a solid foundation for all parties to strengthen cooperation in the fields of mining networks such as F5G and wireless communication, and jointly build an integrated cooperation model of “product research and development, environmental testing, and safety certification”. foundation.

(Source: Science and Technology Daily, Qu Jian)

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