Approaching the Pimi era! ASML will launch next-generation 3nm EUV lithography machine in 2021

ASML is developing a new generation of EUV lithography machine EXE: 5000 series, which will be available as soon as 2021.

According to IT House, the lithography machines currently sold by ASML are mainly NXE: 3400B and improved NXE: 3400C, which are similar in structure. The difference is that the NXE: 3400C adopts a modular design, which shortens the average maintenance time from 48 hours to 8-10 hours; the output of the NXE: 3400C is also increased from 125WPH to 175WPH. These two EUV lithography machines belong to the first generation, and the NA (numerical aperture) of the objective lens system is 0.33.

In the resolution formula of the lithography machine, the larger the NA number, the higher the precision of the lithography machine. ASML is now developing a new generation of EUV lithography machine EXE: 5000 series, NA is 0.55. The main partners are Carl Zeiss AG and IMEC Belgian Microelectronics Center.

It is reported that the EXE: 5000 series EUV lithography machine is mainly for the 3nm era. At present, the process roadmap of TSMC and Samsung has reached 3nm. In order to make the technology come to reality as soon as possible, the research and development of the EXE: 5000 series EUV lithography machine is extremely important.

According to ASML’s revelations, the EXE:5000 series EUV lithography machine prototype will be available as soon as 2021, and it may be available as soon as 2023 or 2024.

Lithography machine is one of the most complex precision equipment in the world, one of the core equipment for chip manufacturing, in addition to being used to produce chips, there are also lithography machines for packaging and projection lithography machines in the field of LED manufacturing. ASML is the only company in the world that can produce EUV lithography machines. A total of 26 EUV lithography machines were sold last year for TSMC and Samsung’s 7nm and 5nm process manufacturing.

“Soldiers enter the lithography machine, Chinese chips bravely break through the siege”

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