Alibaba launched the “Homeschooling” program to provide free courses, and nearly 50 primary and secondary schools in Hubei have joined

According to news on January 28, in order to reduce the flow of people and block the pneumonia epidemic, the education commissions of Hubei, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Henan, Guizhou and other places have issued notices that the 2020 spring semester will be postponed. On the afternoon of January 27, Youku and DingTalk, both subsidiaries of Alibaba Group, announced the joint launch of the “Home Class” program to provide children with a healthy and safe learning environment. Starting from February 10, primary and secondary school students across the country can log on to Youku and Dingding APP to take lessons at home for free.


It is reported that the “Learning at Home” plan includes two teaching modes. “Large class” is an open class offered by famous teachers to the society; “Small class” is a platform for teachers from partner schools to teach students in this class. At present, nearly 50 primary and secondary schools in Hubei Province have joined the program, providing online “small class” teaching, and many schools across the country are also joining.

Liu Yang, general manager of Youku Live Broadcasting Center, said that nothing is more important than the healthy growth of children. Although we cannot go directly to the front line to fight the pneumonia epidemic, we hope to make full use of the advantages of the Internet platform to provide students with a safe learning environment and convenient learning tools to stay away from the epidemic. As Internet people facing the “retrograde” of the epidemic, we should not be indifferent bystanders, but should be action groups that ignite others.

It is reported that in order to allow users to spend a good New Year without leaving home, during the Spring Festival, Youku specially launched the video topic “Fighting Pneumonia”, and set up three sections of “epidemic hotspots”, “real-time epidemic” and “focus refuting rumors”, which will be updated 24 hours a day. The majority of users publicize protection knowledge.

In addition, Youku organized a total of 129 outstanding works in all categories, including dramas, comprehensive dramas, movies, comics, and children, for free public welfare exhibitions, including “Big River”, “In the Distance”, “The Family in That City”, “Foreign Affairs” and “Emergency Doctor”. “The Most Beautiful Youth” and other titles of TV drama copyrights donated by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to Wuhan, as well as a batch of classic films restored by Youku HD, such as “Story of the Editorial Department” and “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.

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