Accelerating the launch of 5G mobile phones, Qorvo increases RF Fusion20TM module shipments

Qorvo®, Inc., a leading provider of RF solutions for mobile applications, infrastructure and aerospace and defense applications, announced that it has increased shipments of its RF Fusion20TM product portfolio to all major 5G smartphone manufacturers. The RF Fusion20TM is an extension of its award-winning family of integrated 5G RF Front End (RFFE) modules. Fusion20 adds receive path integration and RF shielding to provide comprehensive transmit and receive coverage through a complete set of configurations to meet market needs in different regions.

Eric Creviston, president of Qorvo’s Mobile Products Group, said, “To support the rapid adoption of 5G in flagship and mass-market handsets, manufacturers are demanding significantly higher levels of integration and performance, requiring best-in-class technology in the RFFE. Fusion20 integrates Qorvo Best-in-class GaAs power amplifiers, advanced BAW multiplexing technology and integrated RF shielding address these challenges, enabling customers to adopt innovative designs with higher performance and connectivity.”

The Qorvo Fusion20 module supports all major baseband chipsets. Key technical improvements include integrated receive paths and low noise amplifiers, which help improve receive performance and connectivity while saving valuable board space. Each module of the Fusion20 features Qorvo’s MicroShield™ RF shielding innovation. MicroShield minimizes unnecessary interactions between RFFE components, enabling manufacturers to simplify the development process and speed time-to-market. Fusion20 helps meet the most stringent 5G bandwidth requirements, up to 200 MHz.

Fusion20 includes QM77048 mid/high-band, QM77043 low-band and QM78207/208/209 ultra-high-band modules, which can be configured in different regions according to specific market needs. Qorvo can provide a complete 5G front-end solution by optimizing the Fusion20 and pairing it with Qorvo Wi-Fi 6/6E modules. When implemented as a system, these modules provide a reliable way to accelerate 5G handset development.

These advanced modules are built on Qorvo’s successful RF FusionTM 5G portfolio, which is used by several leading manufacturers. RF Fusion enables a complete, highly integrated RFFE solution covering all major 5G and 4G frequency bands.

Cees Links, general manager of Qorvo’s Wireless Connectivity Business Unit, said: “ConcurrentConnect technology represents an important step forward for us to support dynamic multi-protocols. Using a gateway or hub and multiple ConcurrentConnect-enabled IoT devices creates a simplified smart home, and Never miss a signal. With simultaneous support for all major wireless protocols, designers and homeowners can ensure seamless connectivity when adding new devices. This increased flexibility will spark more innovative applications in the smart home.”

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